Secrets of a Parallel Universe              Stress: Are You Coping or Failing?

their "sense" of success rests on lording it over you and making you fail. How? By capitalizing on the harebrained reactions that spring from your resentment of their impatience and cruelty.
     Pride thrives on relative values and comparisons. A proud person can maintain a false sense of security and worth by making others more miserable and wretched than himself. The powers that be see to it that you fail by hook or by crook. They hold up impossible goals and apply unbearable pressure. And once you capitulate to them, you will lose until you die-or until you exchange identities with one of your persecutors along the way, and become one of those who thrive on other people's suffering and shortcomings. A parent, perhaps?
     Needless to say, any "success" that depends on another's failure is just another failing, no matter how good it makes you feel. Please understand that, whatever your failing, resentment is at the bottom of it. Resentment diminishes your ability to meet the stresses of life, whereas patience increases it. You will never achieve any kind of mastery over your life until you conquer your resentment of others as well as yourself, and learn patience. Until then, all your efforts to get on top of circumstances will only plow you under.
     Do you feel inferior? Has reading these pages helped you to see the reason? Do you see how your feelings of inferiority have grown from the inferior responses you made when you were resentful and upset? How resentment has increased your sensitivity to people and thus placed you in an inferior position in respect to them? By resenting another person, you give him a kind of authority over your life that he was never meant to have.
     You really add sin to sin when you add resentment to resentment by resenting the awareness of your failing. It's bad enough to resent your adversary, but to resent realizing your wrong is tantamount to hating God. When you resent your own awareness of wrong, you see the Truth that could save you as the enemy that condemns you; and when you turn hostility inward on

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