Secrets of a Parallel Universe              Stress: Are You Coping or Failing?

grace pride bestows on its possessor will never give us the real grace we need in order to deal with cruelty and stress correctly.
     You cannot be reconciled to your original state of grace until you reject the dream state and abandon pride and its judgments as a way of life.
     As a victim of stress, you have converted your failing, resentment, into a smug feeling of superiority that you consider to be a virtue because it gives you the right to judge whatever or whoever is stressing you. When you fail to lord it over others in real-life situations, you judge them in fantasy. So pride develops through imagination, and the prideful self it nurtures not only becomes addicted to failing itself, but it also encourages the wickedness in others, whose wickedness encourages the failing of pride shared by both.
     The only escape from the horrors of the tyrant-slave relationship is to learn to become objective-patient and calm in the face of stress. And you will not find this state of grace until you wake from your dreams of glory and self-righteous judgment.
     Some people fear stress so much that they may become unable to get up in the morning, knowing that they are going to fail in any effort they make to cope with the pressures that await them. Even though common sense tells them that a failure to cope at all is no excuse for coping badly, they don't know how to cope wisely, so they see escape as their only option. They may even fear the patience they need, thinking that it will immobilize them and keep them from obtaining the "good things" of life, not realizing that they have already immobilized themselves by their failure to cope properly with pressure.
     To be patient is not to give up on everything the world has to offer, not at all. There is nothing wrong with wanting peace, security, money, and the things money can buy for yourself and your family; but there is something terribly wrong about going after them to compensate for your failure as a person, your failure to act in all things from a sound base of integrity. It is dangerous

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