Secrets of a Parallel Universe

Are You Coping or Failing?


If you are alive, you are acquainted with stress, so you don't have to be an expert to see that a clear relationship exists between stress and diseases of mind, body, and soul. You don't even have to be unusually intuitive to realize that if you continue to "blow your stack" every time you get into an argument with someone who delights in "needling" you, you may indeed go crazy, but it won't be the needier who drove you to it.

Most of us, until we find enlightenment, react to stress in one of two ways. We become aggressively violent or defensively fearful. If you are an outgoing, aggressive type of person, strong in verbal skills or physique, you may allow your emotions to turn you into an intimidating bully. You gradually lose your humanity and you become addicted to hurting others with a "See, nobody can get the better of me" attitude. Your first reaction of blustering bravado might have arisen from the security of your natural superiority; but your later reactions were also powered by the

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