Behind Your Lover's Smile

Roy Masters

If you want to master yourself, your OWN motives must become pure. Only then are you qualified to detect and defend yourself against the games people play. 

The less honest and pure your own motives are, the less distinct will be your perception of your weaknesses and the evil intentions of others.

Although you might sense someone’s evil intentions (even from your lower level of consciousness), it would be purely instinctual on your part—an instance of “it takes one to know one.” 

Reacting with instinct as an animal, you respond in one of two ways. You either become excited with anger, or you are inspired to take undue advantage of the other person’s secret desire to take advantage of you.

Isn’t that a typically girly con game? She pretends to be taken in by those gifts and flowers, and accepting his gifts she gives him what he wants.

Converted now into a sexual junkie, he becomes addicted to paying a higher and higher price for his elusive advantage and she (for her part) takes full advantage of her victim’s need to use her. 

But the tables can be turned on her. She can become threatened in a mental/emotional way. Deep down she knows that if SHE can get him, so can another woman. Having become dependent like a parasite upon his male weakness, her sense of security is now also based on the sense of power and control she gets in the exchange.

"Any relationship based on need and greed is a living hell."

That makes her work harder and harder to please him so as to hold on to her “advantage”—the gifts and the power. At the point where she becomes too demanding, her subtle ploy is exposed, and the game is up.

Reacting against her exposed evil motive, he invariably becomes upset, rebellious, resentful, and more often than not makes a “successful” escape to another female.

Out of the frying pan into the fire. Now her personal threat factor evolves an emotional reaction to a loss. “It is all HIS fault,” she moans. And naturally he maintains similar judgments against her. 

Now the question is, who caused what and when did it all begin? It is clear that both are at fault. Both parties had their own special motives that sooner or later introduced them to the shocking wickedness behind their “lover’s” smiles and pretenses.

The same thing can happen in business deals, gambling, and the various ego support friendships. 

Selfishness is really a terrible evil. That is how others see it in you whether or not you see it in yourself. From within your point of view, that of an alligator licking your chops, you are only being good to yourself in seeking fulfillment and gratifying your gigantic ego’s greedy needs.

YOUR GROW­ING EMOTIONAL EGO NEEDS ARE ALWAYS WICKED, and offer fair game for the other hungry manipulator alligators that seek gratification and a sense of power. Any relationship based on need and greed is a living hell. There are never any winners no matter who seems to be on top.