Perilous World Radio 06/24/24

Audience of One

On a beautiful Monday, hosts Alan and Jan Masters welcomed us back. Alan begins the show by contemplating the nature of trying to prove oneself and questioning why we feel the need to become something we don't truly choose or want to be. Alan invites consideration of the expectations and pressures we face in defining our identities. Alan discussed the concept of an "audience of one," highlighting the idea that even when addressing a large audience, delivering a message and fulfilling a higher purpose is his purpose.

In the second hour of the discussion, Jan focused on the Lord's Prayer, underscoring the significance of authentic sincerity in our recitation. Emphasizing the line "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," Jan underscored the necessity of yielding in our lives, thereby manifesting heavenly qualities on earth through individual actions. The key message conveyed was that through trust and attentiveness to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we possess the capability to bring about heavenly attributes on earth.

Put God first and everything will fall into place.


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