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Terrorizing the Terrorists

by Roy Masters

Our enemies have struck a blow to the American Spirit, gunning for the downfall of mankind. To eradicate this diabolical evil we must not dilly-dally around with insufficient, military strikes or ground troops. We must strike a massive, shocking, Hiroshima-like blow so as to forever convert terrorism and its architects to liberty-driven spirit of the West.

It is well known among psychiatrists that neuroses are most common with those who try to overcome the distresses to which they are exposed. To struggle with any kind of condition, including our mental and physical health, can only result in the reinforcement of the symptoms. We all tend to yield to the force of the tyranny against which we struggle.

Herein lies the danger that America faces from terrorists. Their prolonged, skillful use of stress is intended to exhaust us into eventual capitulation. To win, we must come to grips with our own weaknesses, moral and otherwise, and to understand the game that is being played for our individual and national souls.

Once a state of hysteria has been induced by mounting stress that the brain can no longer tolerate, "a protective inhibition" is likely to supervene. This will disturb, at the very least, the individual’s ordinary behavior patterns. In people and nations, stress produces states of greatly increased suggestibility and also the opposite, where the subject becomes deaf to all suggestions, no matter how sensible. I am speaking here about the principle of political conversion, the kind of conversion currently operating on the American psyche.

To become a terrorist it is necessary to be converted by terrorism and to loyally "do unto others what was once done unto them." Despotic dictatorships are very hungry, having "demoralized " their own people after converting them into their own dark likeness. The converts to such a religion-laden cause move as one body, loyal to the spiritual beast of their conversion. Front-line victims, the lowest on the totem pole, can be inspired to hungrily absorb the souls of their neighbors as in war.

By whatever name, political or religious, they go to war not for any genuine good but because of necessity. In this they offer up the life force of their victims in exchange for some imagined glory. This is the mark of a ravaging beast, which their culture is formed out of. The hellish minions of this world are always gratified by the surrender of souls, the submission of the demoralized loyal, and the deaths of those seen as infidels.

In a positive sense, the kingdom of God is also headed by an un-elected, benevolent dictator. This is the Supreme Ego of this and every other universe. The faithful and pure in heart surrender their collective wills to Him, as do the unfaithful to the beast. There is no free will, as one supposes. There is only the embrace of good or evil. Every person and nation chooses whether they will be a servant of heaven or slave of hell.

Author William Gordon published 1948 a very interesting paper on the subject of the personality’s conversions processes. His work does much to describe the criminal, paranoid schizophrenic state of mind that gives rise to extremists and suicide bombers. He pointed out that the mature brain builds up systems of positive and negative conditioned responses. It is these systems by which individuals and nations adapt themselves. Mental health is determined by the efficiency of such adaptation. In a severe disorder like schizophrenia, partial or complete reversal of previous conditioning may occur. Gordon, like Pavlov, believed that schizophrenia results from the "ultra paradoxical," the extreme phase of brain activity. Gordon points out that schizophrenics are often described as having lost all interest in their former pleasures and pursuits and then developing depraved, suicidal or antisocial behaviors, sometimes suddenly. The stressed one responds positively to his former negative conditioning and negatively to his former positive conditioning.

In trying to understand the mind of the terrorist it needs to be understood that radicals, Muslims and otherwise, are often born into a terrorist social, political and religious system. This culture is where ultra paradoxical behavior thrives and where the incidences of of the schizophrenic are most prevalent. What is most sad is that when such conversions are complete, the resulting schizophrenic tendencies are often rewarded by the religious and political hierarchy. Inside this mindset no other behavior has any chance to take root.

Therefore, the answer to terrorism may not necessarily lie in military surgical strikes alone, simply because a too feeble a response could actually strengthen the resolve of future terrorists. The loyalty and ranks of groups like the Taliban may become emboldened.

What is needed, for its psychologically effect, is a massive shock not unlike that suffered by the Japanese in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It is not the time or situation to seek morality from our violators. Our goal must be more defined, unwavering and definite. We must strike and secure a permanent change in behavior as well as a redirection of the current perverse loyalty terrorists have toward their anti-humans. Such a high-minded, even honorable purpose can only come from a massive shock to their death-centered system.

Understand that violence can serve a higher good. It is not unlike the quick extraction of a tooth that threatens to poison the entire body. It is a complete reversal in behavior that is required. What terrorism sought to do to us, for our harm, we must do to them on a much larger, more decisive scale, for their good.

Terrorists can convert our loyalties only if they can apply enough tension and anxiety, produced in large part by our destabilized economy and compromised values. Applying this pressure — whether suddenly, as terrorists did, or over a long, unbearable period of time — exacts a terrible toll on the nation’s underpinnings. Now is the time for all of Western civilization to realize that we are dealing with the most cunning form of life on earth. It is for this and many other reasons that we must strike with a severe, "saving" form of terror so as to never be struck or to have to strike again. The demoralized people of the Taliban and other anti-human groups perhaps as many as half of the world’s population, know and do only one thing well. They know well from childhood how to surrender to the strongest will, be it good or evil.

I know that this kind of conversion to Western thinking is not exactly the ideal. But conversion of loyalties through a greater shock than that caused by their corruption is absolutely necessary in order to reconvert the masses. They are born into a cultural violence, needing violent extraction from the influence of evil. This is the only paved road to genuine peace.

Japan has become a thriving democratic country from which have come noble leaders, creative thinking and philosophically sound national policies. All of this was born out of a saving violence.

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