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Surviving the Terror at Home
Dealing with Unprovoked Intimidations

By Roy Masters

How do you deal with a bullying spouse, who, when confronted with their errant behavior becomes more violent, or just the opposite, cringes and act hurts, as though they were the victim and you were the abuser?
Does this apply to you?
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"Be Still and Know"
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Without exception, all passive aggressive types, both domestic and political, advance their various agendas through a never-ending series of bizarre and unprovoked intimidations.  How many times have you marveled at how your spouse can pull accusations out of nowhere, find fault and then fight you over nothing?

There can be no peace unless, of course, they awaken from the inherent faults of the family culture.  More often than not, childhood programming causes them to become the kind of person who thrives on conflict.  For their own sake and yours, it is a fatal mistake to let them make you angry enough to stand up and fight, and then, in frustration, give in. In that emotionally charged moment, you transfer to them power to do you and everyone a greater harm.

When the pressure builds into intolerable pain it will surely drive you mad with rage, or cause you to yield and give them what they want, literally making you a slave in your own home.  There is no rest because the peaceful days will surely grow shorter and the bad days longer.

You are becoming part of the problem because your weakness is teaching them that rage and cruelty works.  The price of peace may eventually devolve into an unwholesome alliance, causing a conflict of conscience within you, driving you to distraction. 

If you want real peace then learn to keep your cool in the face of pressure.  Remember the words of your scripture, " in calm patience, posses ye your soul.”  Resent not evil so that you may overcome it with good.  You don't need to win, it's not that kind of war, just do not lose – patience is the evidence of your mystical relationship with God.

All appeasers are destined to fight, and lose, a far more terrible war than those they are trying to prevent. A strong character, that the souls of your children will come to respect, develops only by standing firm in the little things.

The common excuse that justifies cowardice, tells you that resistance is futile and resisting will only make matters worse. That may or may not be true. Do not be surprised if that live-in bully respects you for a much-needed correction.  When this is not so, and they become outraged for not getting their way, brave hearts must always finish what they began, patiently enduring and holding ground come what may. 

If you back down after the test of endurance begins, the consequences awaiting you will be more terrible than had you remained quiet.  The nature of the bully will always delay the torture for wimps into the future, but as a warning to the rest of the family, will hand out swift and much more brutal punishment for the brave.

Remember the passion of Christ and how His journey began with little events. So, wherever you go, at home or at work, take up your cross and follow Him. Where you might have looked the other way and kept silent, calmly, where prudent, speak up and throw outcome to the wind. After all, if Americans can’t stand tall and give correction to those they are supposed to love, God knows what will happen when the Muslim terror comes down from the skies.


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