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Mahatma Gandhi's civil disobedience was toward the unjust British, not his fellow citizens and he was willing to pay the penalty. In the same way, the anti-war crowd ought to have carried their grievance to the streets of Baghdad -- to the abuser, there to suffer Saddam's punishment for civil obedience. What makes these peace-lovers so different and why do they see the fiend as the friend and their redeemer as the enemy?

For anyone to take an extreme anti-war stance, they need to be a betrayer or psychotically unstable. To be "anti-war" is to be in an agreement of "peace" with those in the business of advancing war through conflict.

It should be obvious that appeasers, rather than being the moral equivalent of peacemakers, are instead the instruments of tyrants.


Because it is far easier to screw a mind than unscrew it, this nation needs to take a serious look at the recent story of Elizabeth Smart and her post-traumatic stress experience. We need to grasp the principle behind the Stockholm syndrome and how terrorists may succeed in using similar stress methods to demoralize Americans into submission as they have done most of the world.

The harm done by any domestic or political beast is almost impossible to cure; loyal friends, family and heroes become their enemies. Furthermore, any effort to provide help tends to drive them deeper into the arms of their reassuring corruptors, even though they may be dead phantoms or even just a memory of some distant event.

Dictatorships cannot survive without the programmed loyalties of the multitudes -- especially abused children. Born into toxic environments and cultures they can hardly avoid falling under the compulsion to play one of two roles, the coward or the bully, to henceforth recognize no allegiance other than to their violators.

The 'left' has done its best to ensure this eventuality, to prepare our children for such roles that might well serve a future dictatorship. Therefore, it is our duty to recognize this possibility and sound the clarion call to the multitude of abused Americans presently exploited by alienated domestic and foreign intellectuals.

The roles of the oppressor and the oppressed tend to pass from generation to generation so that the sickest member often rules the family. We struggle or try to flee from such tyranny, only to find we are in another similar relationship. During World War II, many fled from Nazi oppression into Soviet oppression--'out of the frying pan into the fire', so to speak. Jewish survivors of the Nazi death camps often brought the nature of the cruel tyrant home with them only to demoralize their own offspring. A bully parent tends to replicate themselves through their offspring providing only the miserable choice of being either a bully or a coward.

It should not be surprising then to find generations of people living like animals in the extremes of humanity, angry toward parents, church and country with vile affections towards those who cater to their various dissatisfactions.

The abduction and recovery of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart has once again caused us to think about the unthinkable; the use of terror to demoralize this nation into submission. We find it hard to believe that a 14-year-old girl can come under the spell of an apparently unsophisticated brutal street derelict. Perhaps she could not walk away when she had the opportunity. Few people possess the strength of character needed to resist the programming of a very determined brainwasher.

In one way or another, most of us are cultural victims of some subtle form of post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as the Stockholm syndrome. Like Elizabeth, we may not be able to see that we are not who we think we are, that our thoughts and feelings are not our own. Violent or soft tyrannical events tend to set us up for lifelong roles, of being unconsciously too strong before the weak, and much too submissive before the willful. If it is true that freedom gives every man the right to become his own dictator then freedom cannot long last.

Before you have finished reading, it may dawn on you (don't be frightened) that you have indeed come from a home or circumstance ruled by its most willful and sickest member and consequently taken on their identity. No tyrant worth his salt will allow any child to be true to him or herself. If anyone is to survive family, school or sexual abuse, it will be through character strength and in spite of tribulation. Mysteriously, a small percentage will always manage to mature beyond their sufferings to become solid sovereign citizens. Unfortunately, most children never mature beyond their childhood roles of being bullies or cowards. There are not enough psychiatrists or psychologists in the world with sufficient knowledge to fix so many minds and broken spirits. All too often, it is authorities in the guise of doctor or priest, who become the cause such suffering or even worse, the "cure".

From a recent e-mail from a woman who suffered for 50 years:

Dear Wendy, I had to stay home to listen to Roy's show today, because I knew that he would be talking about Elizabeth Smart. I understood everything he was saying. My daughter thought that this was so weird, why this girl didn't try to escape. I was able to explain it to her. I remember very well the PATTY HEARST CASE. I remember at that time, I could not believe that she had no control over her captors. Now I see how I became psychotic. Thanks to Roy, he threw me back on myself. My parents traumatized me; the nuns and the church did the same. Thank God that there was someone like Roy who said what I always knew inside, but never could express. I still have a hard time expressing it, but now I KNOW...... and that is all that matters. Love Rita

P.S. No, I do not mind if you share my letter with Roy. I know now my reaction to those people has caused me to doubt myself. I am glad that I can stand back and see all this without reacting. There is so much in there to see, it's like going to school every day. Now instead of trying to be good, I see that I'm not. It's painful to see, but after, it is sooo freeing.

The classic precursor to dictatorship is to promote immorality, promiscuity and license as though it were freedom. From broken homes emerge tyrant fodder. Tyrants create wimps who in turn become tyrants that make wimps --- a dog-eat-dog, military chain of command. Like vampires in transition, the lesser tyrants bow before their superior anti-human corruptors all the way up to the head of the snake.

All tyrants exist in a food chain of command with wimps before tyrants and tyrants as wimps all passing their powers up all the way up to the presiding entity, while its vile identity (the character of its evil nature) passes down to the lowest nothing on the totem pole.

Although cruelty tends to shape us into people pleasers, we were not born that way. Too soft or violent circumstances, in one way or another, forbade the impudent and soulful presence of our innocence. Since the first moment of man on earth, systems of passive-aggressive tyrants have continuously waged war against those in who dwells the light of common sense. Do not take offense; chances are you are presently unwillingly enlisted into this chain gang of misery, inherently playing out one of these roles.

You need to watch for those tell tale signs of this, such as a difficulty in saying 'no', or, an awareness of the comforts of your own habits, such as always having to be in control. Unfortunately, it is difficult, often impossible to see that you are not really living your own life--because denial, being predictable, is every tyrant's advantage over you. "They" having re-created you in their image through trauma, often confound your enslavement by suddenly embracing and nurturing in you the very spirit that cruelty implanted. Consequently are you cursed and drawn to lying fiends and lovers.

Perhaps you have heard those stories about abusive men beating their wives and girlfriends, whereupon a hero comes to the rescue. To his horror, both victim and tyrant turn against him. Police officers know this experience all too well.

Because cowardly people in many nations identify with their bullies, they stand in silent consent, often living vicariously through their bully executioners taking perverse pleasures in genocidal murder, abuse, rape and torture. Identified with tyrants from birth compels individuals such as these to look the other way, ignore irrefutable evidence, march in defense, even glory the gory of genocidal masters.

Since the beginning, this little-known principle of 'the worm that that does not die' (Mark 9:48) has slithered through the generations into homes and nations to rule as its sickest member.

As we reach maturity, the authority that stood over us in childhood transfers as servitude to parental replicas whose very presence calls upon and exploits our conditioning. Therefore, the ancient curse passes on to the next generation. We are attracted to, perhaps marry the wrong people and spend our entire lives in quiet or overt desperation, always seeking that special tyrant to save us. We are becoming as the collective Borg in the movie Star Trek--- what one thinks, all think.

Notice how you react whenever you feel compelled to oblige a friend. Watch as you reach for an excuse such as, "I don't want to hurt his or her feelings." In the dark recesses of the subconscious excuses are identical in every language for every person. This being the case the excuse can hardly be electro-chemical, rather it is (spirit) an ego, face-saving device, that prevents us all from seeing we are slave of liars and abusers for nothing; a mere illusion of worth. The frustration with your present lover serves only to reinforce the trauma of the past.

A terrible need for a false sense of worth enslaves the multitudes to tyrants. Whether personal or political, our individual or collective destiny is sure to replicate our childhood cultural miseries.

Without appeasers, tyrannical political power could never exist. If your sense of existence has come down to depend upon the violator's lying love--resistance is futile--too little too late. Give that special someone power and you may enjoy a momentary rush of a good image that you will, forever, in futility, try to recapture because your ever-crumbling illusion of self-worth demands the perpetual reinforcement of your servitude. All such love is the transference of childhood-conditioned servitude, a perverse love that arises only out of hate. The abused are unable to "love" unless they are first abused.

This is why "loving" women of childhood abuse remain mysteriously devoted to extremely cruel men. Known as the Stockholm syndrome, the victims of terror identify with and develop a similar affinity for the terrorist. In our private lives we come full circle in all our relationships back to the scenes of childhood horror, trying to resolve the guilt of childhood hate, while making life worse. Resentment is what refuels the past.

The tormenting father, mother, brother, or intimidating sister has cast you into one of those two dehumanizing roles, to become the very thing you hate, or, avoiding that eventuality through submission. Emotions (denial) make it impossible to distinguish the true from the false love.

Even if a man is not a tyrant, excessive female servitude may well turn him into one. Denied the glory of his love, she makes him into a familiar hate object and literally puffs up with the secret pleasures of judgment and martyrdom. An ego can derive a perverse high from hate as well as from "love" -- a vicious cycle where the guilt of judgment morphs into an endless agony and ecstasy of love/hate. Either way, a godlike sense of always being right and never wrong prevails.

Making peace with a monster in your formative years practically guarantees a lifetime of slavery. Through punishment and fake affection, they kept you off-balance and away from facing the reality of your servitude.

The terror of not being worthy of love comes from the fear of becoming a tyrant. This is precisely what draws abused women, or abused anyone, to seek love in all the wrong places. They seek only to be worthy of fixing the terrible need of a tyrant with an equally terrible need to love and be loved in return.

Because there lurks in every slave the kissing-up nature of the tyrant hoping for favor, power and glory, given the opportunity, they will become worse than their master.

For the sake of false security, with a husband or a boyfriend, a mother will stand by and watch her child being sacrificed to his beast and do nothing to stop it. Such women live out their lives in quiet desperation with repressed hate/love eventually morphing into disease.

A boy abused by his mother becomes one of two extremes; either a spoiled hateful contemptuous abuser of women, or a submissive feminized man to his mannish wife, playing the role of an abused little girl.

Therefore, through the power given to the unjust, future demoralized nations rise up and allow themselves to be ruled by the most vicious kinds of political beasts.

Behold your domestic life and perhaps your political future!

The world over, people live in that chain gang of extreme behaviors - the warlike and the submissive represent the beast and the servant of the beast; the collective of all tyranny. Anti-war extremists cannot see that they actually are the basis of tyrannical power. Minus their cooperation, there could never be war.

Just as cannibals will always elect a Cannibal King, so all the Saddam Hussein types, aided and abetted by their minions, continue to war with the brave and the free.

Seeing the terrible suffering of the Iraqi people, the American hero comes to the rescue, and lo and behold, to our horror, sympathetic victims the world over have joined forces to save the tyrant from their redeemer. The reason being, whatever threatens a bully's life also threatens his victim's ground of being.

As the police officer comes to the rescue, so it is the duty of free men to help save the unwillingly demoralized. Unfortunately, as many members of the United Nations are hypocritical crime bosses, they are addicted to exploiting the base natures of the dehumanized. Little wonder that all too many already living under tyranny see America as the villain.

Peace is not a matter of extremes, of being for or against war; it is a matter of doing the right thing no matter what it might be.

Since tyrants cannot exist without the submissive, they are committed to wars of conversion. The beast of hell gives you one of two choices; peace with him, but war with yourself, or peace with yourself and war with his host. Therefore, let your heart not be troubled, there is a right kind of war and a wrong kind of peace.

"Who has fear, is not made perfect in love."

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