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Mental Robots
The Enemy is Within

by Roy Masters

Manipulators and would-be despots have always understood that the glorifying excitement of limelight, brass bands, conventional rock and a demagogue’s raucous rap-yelling can do more to persuade and degrade than the most eloquent train of thought. The science of controlling the masses lies in first appealing to their base natures and then rewarding every irresponsible behavior and failing with a false sense of security.
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Using music, bright lights, exciting Hollywood-type personalities and the power invested in all authorities, it is possible to eventually make anyone believe and do anything, to actually make people think that snow is black, and yes, that right is wrong.

By trapping victims very young, especially with state-funded education and equipment, social engineers have bred politically-correct experts on everything aimed at making the American dream fail. Such graduates rarely ever see what has happened to them or the harm they do others.

Legions of these mind-altered journalists infiltrated the media after WWII. Through the principle of transference, college graduates continued doubting the natural course of their own common sense, daily passing implanted upside-down realities from the system onto a malleable public. From implanted skewed political world-views, thoroughly confounded pedigreed elitists of every stripe bombard the public with irrational arguments derived from a flawed education.

The philosopher Voltaire said that madness is to have erroneous perceptions and to reason correctly from them. Everyone can see that something is wrong, but don’t know what to do about it. We are becoming one nation, not under God, but under expert therapists who are oblivious to the fact that they are useful idiots making everyone worse.

Legions of dumbed-down teachers, psychiatrists and drug-pushing doctors have been unleashed on the public. They are compounding the problems of this nation with all the wrong answers, unconsciously bringing us into helpless surrender to an all-knowing science-fiction dictatorship. Unless you can see what is happening to you…the downfall of America is imminent. The anti-commonsense mob is identified by their politics, which is, license (total irresponsibility) is freedom.

For the last 60 years, universities have been shaping soulless citizens of the future. Eventually, a government will rise up, elected by shallow drug-addicted mechanical beings controlled through feelings generated by environmental manipulation. They war against the light of commonsense, because a noble people can never be ruled or conquered. Commonsense self-reliance is the enemy of the dark “one world order,” arising from a planned chaos. A dictatorship is waiting in the shadows to arise: voted in by a demoralized suffering underclass that freedom’s enemy cunningly created.

When this tyrannical science perfects its objective, the elitist class will be in rigid control. The general population will never be allowed to know how their convictions were generated, all thinking their beliefs to be their very own. Such a government will arise from an entrenched bureaucracy that has been in charge of education for at least two generations. At that time, it will be easy to control the population without the need of armies or police.

In recent history, only a few nations have succeeded in coming close to this “politician’s paradise” -- Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union . Through the development of modern technology in communications, the power exists to control every mind on earth.

How many of you know people who angrily believe that the President is a murdering terrorist and that Saddam is a freedom fighter?

Through educational misalignment, a growing number of young people are leaving school unable to act against the political systems expertly programmed into them. These people were indoctrinated through hating reason and innocence…disarm them with the boldness of patient endurance. If you don’t “dance,” (resent) they can’t advance.

The common variety of dictatorship cannot achieve this collectivist ideal of world domination. I dare not reveal how this might be achieved, only to say it is possible to shape a citizen according to the sort of beliefs that political authorities consider desirable. At that time, it will become psycho-physiologically impossible to criticize any authority. Even now, all too many Americans fail to deal with daily stresses - they are already going along to get along.

If all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government would tell them that they are so. Unspeakable horrors await future dissidents. At that time the instruments of torture will be so sophisticated that the only freedom people will have is the freedom from realizing that they are slaves.

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