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Of Yourself You Can Do Nothing

by Roy Masters

A few weeks after I married, 52 years ago, I suddenly noticed a growing sensitivity to my environment. Until the ripe old age of 24, I had never noticed intimidation or stress affecting me in any way, shape or form. My immediate family had noticed that I was a very resilient child, not easily moved to anger. Up to that time, I was able to confront just about anything as though it were a matter of course. This may or may not be very unusual, but for whatever the reason it was the case.
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I lived in many parts of the world, including South Africa, and do not remember being fazed or intimidated by any stress regardless of the circumstance or the danger. I was oblivious to the fact that I was apparently different from other people, who moved and possessed a different kind of energy. However, there it was, suddenly, sensitivity to stress in the form of reaction to little irritations and noises. Whatever it was that had bestowed this blessing upon me, of being aware, permitted me to recognize the cause. What had affected me pejoratively was the difficulty I was having with my wife’s willfulness. I was becoming resentful and this was a brand new experience to me.

Strange as it may seem, I do not ever remembering feeling this way before in my life. I was not stuck in the rut of an angry childlike relationship with either of my parents, as it is with most people who rarely outgrow that relationship. If that had been the case, I might not ever have noticed the link between the resentment and the shift to the domination of environment over me.

Recognizing the relationship between intimidation, resentment and the impinging of environment upon me helped me survive and grow spiritually in a 52-year marriage. Had I not learned quickly, the results would have been disastrous. A resentful person is always a fraction of a second away from disaster in any given situation. The moment you become upset you are stuck in one of two bad choices — get upset and say or do something stupid, or get upset and repress all that. Either way, you are in serious trouble. You fall under the influence of both the person and the circumstances, not to mention future people, places and things. Psychology calls this post-traumatic stress syndrome.

In the objective state, the understanding mind effortlessly rules supreme in the body in all of the affairs of the heart and soul. Resentment robs you of this sovereign role and leaves you struggling in all ways, the very effort of which compounds the struggle. If you can conquer being upset, annoyed, aggravated and irritated, effortless control over all your affairs will be your inheritance. If you wish to conquer fear, then ignore a person’s intent and resolve your resentment toward everyone and everything. There is never any victory in resentment — only endless failing and suffering.

Here is another story to illustrate how the natural influence over your life from within comes through just being conscious of a problem. Before I was married, I was a diamond cutter. After coming back from South Africa via England to America, I traveled the United States demonstrating the art in fine jewelry stores. Then I got married and was obliged to settle down in Houston, Texas. I opened a jewelry store on the third floor of a bank building where I sold retail and redesigned old cut diamonds to the trade. Soon after that, I took in a partner. One day a young man came in seeking a donation to help pay his wife’s hospital bill. My partner was naturally generous, perhaps excessively so, but I found myself in a difficult dilemma. I I was too selfish to give anything, which could have been easily excused by the fact that I was earning only about $50 a week. Never mind that, I could have and should have given something.

On the other hand, I knew that if I made myself give just because it was the right thing to do, it would have been given begrudgingly. Either way I would have been in conflict with no way out. I was conscious that no matter how much I might try, I had not the power to change my own nature. I was puzzled and somewhat troubled, but fortunately not resentful toward knowing the truth. Several months later, a similar circumstance presented itself. This time I found myself doing the right thing effortlessly. Something had changed in me, apparently by the mere fact of being aware of and troubled over my helplessness. The mysterious power that was my benefactor I knew to be God’s grace.

Take notice that your willingness to be conscious, especially of resentment, is the key to all that is positive. No need for struggle, because the power inherent in your willingness to be aware of your helplessness is sufficient. If you cannot conquer the resentment that lies at the root of judgment, you will struggle with everything and fix nothing.

All living creatures are sustained, and hence shaped, by a living code inherent in external stimuli or nature. There is no possibility of countering the sustaining evolutionary conditioning with respect to their individual environments. What differentiates humans from the animals is the reaction of our consciousness to a variety of stresses. If you are centered rather than self-centered, then all reactions to the external world become modified or neutralized. As humans we simply must do this if we are to keep from devolving into the realm of beasts.

We are able to choose to respond to a moral code, which overrides or modifies the effect of stress and pressure, otherwise known as faith. You might say that living creatures are suggestible, in that environmental pressures ‘outform’ them rather than ‘in-form’ them, as can and should happen with us.

Here is the point. Suggestibility has to do with being unable to close the door upon the effect of childhood authority. The sound of the human voice, especially a cruel one, prevents children from growing up and taking control over their own lives from within. Add to that cruel behavior, and two problems become evident. The first one is that we fail to trust the spoken word rather than the wordless word in our hearts. In the typical collective emotional state, we remain too sensitive to the influence of others while at the same moment becoming infected by the environment as animals. Minus that vital modifying influence from within, we tend to devolve down to the nature of the beast in conflict with our human potential.

These are very dangerous times. There is an ongoing and intense battle for the minds and souls of people. You do not, however, have to be a victim. You are born with a precious intuitive gift of perceiving and potentially being able to respond to the light that gives you the gift of consciousness. If you are able to live by the faith of common sense, this gift of perception, a transformation occurs within. Humanly speaking, you will begin to shape the world rather than the world shaping you.

Permit me to give you an example of this. One morning a famous Olympic diver climbed the diving ladder. He walked out and, as is customary, curled his toes around the edge of the diving board. Just when he was ready to dive into the water he was stricken by a strange, panicky feeling. He did not dive that day because he was too afraid. All his experience and training had suddenly come to nothing. After much soul-searching, he came to me and I showed him what was wrong and how to fix his dilemma.

Remember what I said in the opening of this article. Few of us outlive the emotional conditioning of childhood. This champion had transferred the resentment toward his mother to his wife. Several nights before the incident he became very angry with her, which in turn affected his performance on the diving board. Resentment caused a disconnect from his natural will and reconnected him, as an animal, to his environment.

Excessive excitement, like resentment and hostility, tends to pull the consciousness down from its sovereign control over ourselves and reconnects us to the environment. With human beings, evolution amounts to devolution. If we were evolving from animals, surely we would not suffer any conflict, there being no modifying influence of consciousness to fault us. The evidence that we are indeed fallen beings, on the way down to the level of beast rather than up toward nobility, is the increasing influence of conditioning. The more resentful we become, the more sensitive we are to our environment, something Pavlovian scientists call conditioned reflex response.

The more you respond, the more you will respond, especially if you are frustrated with your responses. The added frustration makes you spiral downward toward confusion and terrible conflicts. The secret of the high diver’s redemption and yours was recognizing his childish emotional resentments. In that awakening came the relief. No effort is ever required other than the observation and the sense of helplessness for the moment. The very fact of becoming aware contains the code of change. What makes us into animals, in conflict with our human, is the emotional connection to the environment. Through one’s emotions the environment begins to speak to our bodies and makes them change pejoratively.

Remember, there is no need to struggle, for it is the power inherent in your willingness to be aware and admit you are helpless that is sufficient unto itself.

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