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When the whole nation suffers from
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

by Roy Masters

We may collectively be failing to deal with the stress imposed upon us by the worst domestic attack on our soil. While we must rightly hunt down the perpetrators, another danger lurks. Having little experience in dealing properly with a trauma of this magnitude, we may be slowly losing our humanity.

The kind of stress to which I am alluding can make us better or it can make us bitter, depending upon how we rise to the occasion. Many of us may be uncomfortable with the idea, but there is an evil that opposes the well-being of mankind. Just as it is meant that the most fit creatures survive the weakest, the survival of the fittest, so it is that our most noble instincts ought to rise in the face of temptation. What differentiates humans from animals is our ennobling consciousness. Knowing how to mobilize its inherent, overriding influence to stress would not only help us survive, it would also bring about a kingdom of heaven on earth.

Since bigger beasts can never be better men, it is incumbent upon us to avoid striving to evolve above the intimidation of beastly types. To do so is to evoke anger and fear, our lower instincts. Such instincts make us duplicates of what we hate. One can measure how far we have fallen from our humanity by how much anger and fear we have. Surely if we are not able to deal with the petty cruelties of everyday life, we cannot properly deal with terrorists or of worse things to come.

The dark minds behind terrorism well know how to use our own fears and angers against us. Rage and helplessness will surely turn into depression and fear. Negative feelings toward any visible or invisible aggressor makes the fearful aggressive themselves.

Repressed rage awakens sexuality. Intimidated into submission, women with a history of low self-esteem embolden their violators and bring terrible conflict upon themselves every time they give in. In like manner, terrorism has awakened a perverse sexual fascination among our frightened populace.

A faceless adversary has entered our political system and our homes through our fearful overreactions. Just as it is not good for a man to come home and take his frustrations out on his wife, so he must be conscious not to do the sexual equivalent of terrorists, and destroy his home life.

People’s reproductive urges are in direct proportion to the intensity of their fears and guilts. "Post-disaster" sex is now being measured by scientists around the country. Karen Shanor, a D.C. psychologist, found in a recent study more than 1,000 respondents reported having a "quick sexual experience," often with total stranger, within hours of the Sept. 11 tragedy. It is the less responsible sexual encounter that fills the false security needs of the fearful. "It is as though," Shanor said, "the sexually reckless had a death wish propelled by the need to relieve the fears of their ‘doomsday’ jitters."

The fear of dying spiritually and physically compels us to seek an ego escape in the heightened intensity of the sex act. In simple language, the greater the threat to our existence, the more we are compelled to use sex to deny reality while ensuring the survival of the species. The end result is too many unwanted children and the reproduction of inward and family terror.

There is a relationship between sex and violence. Two angry people making up in bed are worse off the morning after. A man who fails to deal with life’s cruel pressures brings home a lustful animal rather than a noble husband and father. The wife or sex partner who is first angry, and then fearfully submits, does so only out of her own awakened bestiality. As a result, the violator and violated are both diminished as human beings.

Wimpy men tend to gravitate to what eventually become violent women. Violent men seek the support of frightened women with low self-esteem. They eventually make their men more violent through their incessant, unhealthy submissiveness.

Anger and fear represent the failure of our spirit. The fearful cannot possibly love in any genuine sense. Where anger and fear rule, there is subservience to a ruler. The ruler is not a person but a dark spirit that enters through your lack of faith. Whether it is terror from the skies or from your boss, wife or co-worker, rest assured it is your failing as a person that allows evil to enter you and the nation.

The evil which uses our traumatized state of mind acts through people in order to dehumanize and dominate. While the tempter is motivated by a far greater evil and will pay a much greater price for his role in this hell on earth, that in no way removes you from the responsibility to overcome.

In every TV interview regarding the WTC’s destruction, moderate Muslims say they have only one problem with the United States: its foreign policy. Too often some of their sympathies lie with the suffering of their Palestinian brothers at the hands of the "aggressor" Israel. Some Muslims know well that the agenda of their radical sons is to kill every Jew.

It seems most of the world has a problem with Israel, especially 1 billion Muslims, approximately 150 million of whom are fanatical in their beliefs. Muslim fanatics represent potential terrorists, ready to wage holy war against Western civilization. It’s high time to take a good, hard look at the horror poised to spring from this Islamic mindset.

People born in any Muslim country are not free to be anything other than a Muslim. God is imposed from birth. I’m sure the imposition of his teachings was never the intent of Mohammed any more than all the Dark Age conversions committed in the name of Jesus was Jesus’ intent. In the U.S. there is freedom of religion and freedom from religion. This allows for the potential to serve God by choice. I’m sure Mohammed would agree that God insists on volunteers rather than conscripts. It is the evil perversion of Islam that would have it otherwise. These people seek subservient slaves for a politicized agenda.

Most slaves have one thing in common. They yearn for freedom, hoping to break the chains of their bondage. But there are deviant slaves. They see their slavery as a loving devotion to their masters, expressed as a compulsion to convert others. Conversions are often brought about with malevolent, evangelistic zeal. The trouble with seeing slavery as loving devotion forces one to view free people, those non-devotees, as infidels. What the Islamic cleric thinks and feels, all must think and feel, especially about the U.S.

I suspect an unholy war will eventually be waged against Western civilization, in the name of God. It will perhaps be far more vicious than the wars waged from combined dictatorships of Japan and Hitler’s Germany. In the WWII conflict, God was seen as Japan’s emperor and Germany’s fuehrer. The Russian and Chinese communists, who fight against all religions, have their own secular god, the state. In both extremes, slavery awaited the masses, with no freedom to choose anything except a counterfeit heaven. The Islamic masses are born into a dehumanizing system under a religious compulsion to kill and die for their false, indoctrinated God.

While America has the power, we seem to lack the will to do what must be done, before those with the will develop the power they now lack. Our enemy’s current strategy is to use the threat of biological and nuclear warfare, for which they will blame Israel. If America is not strong and wise to this game, it may well mean our capitulation. This will embolden Islam, multiplying the danger to the free world.

Standing alone will cause not only the Arab world to march upon Israel, but perhaps hundreds of millions of other anti-humans will also join in. If this happens, Israel will have no choice but to do the unthinkable: unleash the force of its nuclear arsenal, perhaps bringing about the war of Armageddon.

Islam has become an exporter of slavery. For this reason immigrants from Islamic countries entering the U.S. should be considered sleepers, ready to answer the call of Allah from afar. Certainly not all, but some American and immigrant Muslims who pretend to love this country may have problems when it comes to pledging allegiance to America. We symbolize our freedom under a God they don’t know.

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