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The Growing Prevalence of Monstrous Evil

by Roy Masters

We pray for the well-being of Chandra Levy. Her disappearance
is one more in a long line of monstrous evils, all too common these days. A new era is upon us. Something is compelling people to kill, destroy and lash out with uncontrollable rage. Why the increase in horrible events of violence, war, genocide, racism and hate crimes in the most advanced society, ever? The shocking answers show that a potential evil lives deep inside human nature. This may be the only way to explain why so many are becoming "Hitler wannabes," expressing themselves in unprecedented violence.

A friend once told me that when he was 5 years old he remembered playing with his friends, when suddenly a voice said to him, "Pick up that stone and crush that boy's head." He picked it up and then dropped it and ran away. He was not alone in hearing such voices. In one 1990 study, done by the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 3 million people reported that they hear voices, with some regularity. This does not include classic schizophrenics.

We all have irrational thoughts that enter our minds. We need to recognize and resolve these issues but we are not taught how. Gone are the days when we can ignore the impact of the unseen on human behavior. Our ignorance and denial have cost us countless lives.

Cruel forces slip unbidden into our minds as the result of excessive emotionality, the very same emotionality so widely encouraged in entertainment, some religions, psychiatry and academia. Men and women have heard voices since the dawn of time. They are often quite real and are not necessarily the result of imagination, as the experts like to rationalize. They exist. Here's how they get in. When you're angry and upset the conscious sentry falls asleep, leaving open the door of your mind. It is the emotions that usher the dark guest in.

Evil prefers smoldering emotions, the kind you don't express. It is those "seething emotions" you feel toward people who are bigger and stronger than you, those you can't fight, resist or escape from. This kind of resentment is basically a hypnotic emotion, encouraged by the underworld because it works against you. Resentment taints healthy emotions. It perverts the natural inclination to do good, and causes us to serve and do evil. It will even cause you to have a perverse sympathy for those who abuse you.

Hostility, the kind evoked by cruelty, makes us lose control and return evil for evil. It tends to change our allegiance and sympathies in favor of those we hate. The result is that we either become a slave of them, often thinking we love our over-lords, or we become a hate object ourselves. This is why kids go to school and kill. When they get mean enough, powerful enough, and strong enough; when they become hatefully confident enough when that planted rage takes over inside them, then they will do anything, even kill.

More than 40,000 people are murdered every year, half in family feuds. A cult of child killers has risen in our midst. Kip Kinkle is a 15-year-old Oregon boy who killed both his parents and several classmates. Not to justify his monstrous crime, but you couldn't have a worse combination than two programmed liberal schoolteacher parents, two hypocrites. Certainly, not all but some teachers have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. They went to school, jumped through all the hoops for the authority of that sheepskin. Most teachers don't realize they've exchanged common sense in order to become political change agents over innocent children. Many kids know this and hate teachers, the system and learning.

A convicted Utah serial killer, Gary Gilmore, wanted to be executed in a hurry. He said, "If you don't stop me, I'll kill again." Like Ted Bundy, who also told the court that he should be executed, the Utah serial killer knew that some kind of evil has entered them. Killers who want to be executed are not necessarily evil people, because they recognize that evil has control of them. This man knew that he could not stop himself and would kill again. I might have helped this man. While others (many politicians are in this group) are rotten all the way through, some serial killers know they need to be stopped but don't know how to stop themselves.

There is a reason why the victims of so many serial killers are women and why all the women they stalk and kill have certain characteristics. Their victims have the same characteristics as the killers’ mothers. Most serial killers hate their parents, usually their mothers. Sad to say, many of these mothers grow up to be programmed man haters because of abusive fathers, to take it out on their innocent male offspring.

Projecting hate, a frustrating serial addiction, caused these mothers to become more and more wicked, cursing, and degrading their sons with such venom that these boys’ hatred for her tormenting personality came early. This kind of parental torment is obvious, but there is another kind. Parents, bosses and even health-care workers are often silky sweet, never raising their voices much beyond a whisper, destroying by an ugly intent lurking behind the mask of hypocrisy. Their phony, intimidating affection sucks the life out of their victims. This is the kind of mother Ted Bundy had.

Bundy, like so many other men, identified with his mother, became his mother inside. In time she displaced him, but it wasn’t really her. It was the evil that lived inside her which had already displaced her. Bundy’s rage exploded into a murderous orgy when he discovered that surrendering his substance to his tyrant mother was never enough. The more he sacrificed himself the hungrier his tormentor became. Twisted people, separated from God, have no other life source, no energy, except what they steal. This is why monsters take life away from innocent, unaware children. The innocent then are transformed into the likeness of the guilty, some of them shaped to become future tormentors.

The serial killer harbors a terrible hatred that compels him to want to kill his parents. But he usually can't do that. Do you know why? Because his violator parents became his god, the ground of his twisted inner being. If he killed his mother, he too would cease to exist. So he projects onto others a rage he can never express toward those who transferred sin to him. But don't we all project onto others?

Terrorists can convert our loyalties only if they can apply enough tension and anxiety, produced in large part by our destabilized economy and compromised values. Applying this pressure — whether suddenly, as terrorists did, or over a long, unbearable period of time — exacts a terrible toll on the nation’s underpinnings. Now is the time for all of Western civilization to realize that we are dealing with the most cunning form of life on earth. It is for this and many other reasons that we must strike with a severe, "saving" form of terror so as to never be struck or to have to strike again. The demoralized people of the Taliban and other anti-human groups perhaps as many as half of the world’s population, know and do only one thing well. They know well from childhood how to surrender to the strongest will, be it good or evil.

A serial killer's compulsion to kill finds a woman who satisfies the female-centered monster inside him. He actually takes pleasure in killing a "familiar female," retrieving that rush of power, lost during his innocence. It’s the rush, the feeling of life-force during the kill, that he lives for.

Through murder, the killer vents the hatred for his parent(s) or spouse by projecting his hate onto victims with similar characteristics. He simply has to kill someone. This isn’t always carried out in an ordinary sense.

Through murder, the killer vents the hatred for his parent(s) or spouse by projecting his hate onto victims with similar characteristics. He simply has to kill someone. This isn’t always carried out in an ordinary sense.

Some killings are bloodless. Parents who degrade their children are doing the same thing to a lesser degree — drawing energy, life-force, from the tortured upsetting of their children. We don't want to believe we have anything in common with serial killers. But most of us do. Let’s look at this a little closer.

The boss who had a fight with his wife one morning lost energy. He comes to work and takes it out on his employees. The employees go home and take it out on their spouses. Wives and husbands take the energy from the children, unaware of the degree of their evil. The older children retrieve their lost energy from the smaller children. Then the smaller kids take out their pain on their pets.

The same kind of thing happens, in a much more severe way, to create serial killers. Because the cruelty done to that person is so great and over long periods of time, they’ve become totally transformed. The only way they can get relief from their tormentor, now inside them, is to destroy as they have been destroyed. They get high off that rush of energy, that fleeting sense of power over the victim.

Killers and the abused are both captives of an evil system. They're "prisoners of bad, symbiotic relationships." Most were given the agonizing choice of becoming the thing they hated or become subservient to the person they hated. They are often forced to feed themselves, their souls, to their tyrants until they either die, rebel, kill or are killed.

Not all serial killers are void of conscience. In other words, some were really sweet kids when they were young, but parents hated the sweetness and did their best to kill it. Do you understand that, in effect, the "Hitler personality" is attracted to people who are vulnerable? The presence of a bright, spirited child drives an angry parent "sane." Terribly conflicted parents are driven to put out that shining spirit. Some even murder their children. You can’t imagine what children go through. In my book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well is the secret to tapping into the power that can help you recover your childhood innocence and deprogram you from doing this kind of thing to your child.

Hated children think that there must be something wrong with them. So when they try to please their parents it only makes the feared parents meaner, feeding their monsters. With serial killers, their rage and the need to feed the parent that they carry within is carried to extremes. To some degree we all have that problem. Most people internalize this anger, which then morphs into a variety of diseases and disorders. In the case of our killer, he killed the first victim to vent, to kill in effigy, an attempt to get back his lost life-force. For him there had to be a sacrificial lamb.

During the kill, he felt alive, for a moment. But later because of conscience, if he has one, he feels more anguish. To assuage the guilt, he must offer the life he took from the victim to his tormentor parent, who only becomes a bigger monster; so he kills again. The more he kills, the more pain accrues. And as with all addictions, there is never any release.

Each time he surrenders life, he becomes more hateful and more conflicted. Again and again he tries to relieve the guilt through that rush that comes from stealing life. Alas, in order to get the validation for his parent’s (most likely mom’s) identity inside him he must absorb more and more life from the people he murders. He again offers the lives to his internal parent, who is never satisfied. This is how murder becomes addictive and political despots become more powerful. A human chain of "doing unto others" (that rush) is formed. Politically speaking, the chain passes the power and life of entire populations to the dictator at the top.

But violence toward others can never release the pain. It intensifies pain. The guilt becomes worse. Serial killers have to go on killing to relieve their guilt. All they can look forward to is more abuse, often self-inflicted by the parent within. Taking their guilt out on others is the glue of their addiction. It is, in a sense, tantamount to the spiritual murder of innocence.

It was too late for one serial killer. He realized that he could not go on living his life anymore. He went home and killed his mother. She was terribly degrading to him, even on the day of her death. He cut her head off and stuffed the head between her legs. As if relieved, he then turned himself in to the police. This was once an innocent child, not born a serial killer, but turned into one. There is good news in all this morbidity. There is redemption, even for serial killers. Surely you, too, can change and be saved.


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