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Battle for the Mind
Why Propaganda and Lies are the Ultimate War Crimes

by Roy Masters

During World War II, Japanese and Nazi propaganda inflamed millions of soldiers and civilians in those countries to die for a false cause. Only later did their surviving fellow citizens discover that the Allies were a noble enemy who gave them back a better life than they had known before. Fifty-five million people died because of the evil ambitions of a few.

Clearly, propaganda that makes false perception appear to be reality is just as evil and dangerous as any war crime. Today, large parts of the world's 1.2 billion Muslims believe President Bush is a tyrant and Saddam Hussein is a saint. And once again many are dying defending a lie, in Iraq and elsewhere, when we could have helped them all to a better life.

What is at the core of this phenomenon of propaganda, mind control and mental slavery that we continually witness, not only in the geo-political realm, but also in each of our personal lives? This article will reveal the root causes.

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Western psychiatry is either blind to or complicit with, a clear and present danger to America. I'm speaking of psychiatry's abysmal ignorance of a terror based mind-control phenomenon known as the Stockholm Syndrome, that allows one person's will to act through another. Patty Hearst was an innocent victim, sent to prison for a crime committed through her. We've seen it again just recently in the case of Elizabeth Smart - who when first confronted by police after eight months of captivity wouldn't give her real name, but rather the name her kidnappers had given her.

The term Stockholm Syndrome was used in the vain attempt to explain the bizarre phenomenon of hostages bonding with their captors. After a 1973 bank holdup in Stockholm, Sweden, two men held four people hostage for six days. So closely did the hostages and their captors bond with one another that the hostages came to regard the police as the enemy and their captors as their protectors. One of the hostages reportedly became engaged to one of her captors.

Like most such phenomena, what seems obvious in extreme cases (such as those involving hostage-taking and overt criminality) becomes blurred and nearly invisible in its more subtle everyday forms. Indeed, the Stockholm Syndrome in a subtle but devastating way is today a full-blown epidemic, affecting millions of individuals. The proliferation of misguided, anti-American students, drugged-out and dumbed-down kids, and overflowing prisons and mental institutions is due largely to decades of a subversive and destructive public school system as well as increasingly confusing and corrosive media-Hollywood propaganda. These influences have worked together, over time, to alter the loyalties of many Americans whose natural bonding with God, family and country have been replaced by newly forged bonds to strange philosophies, self-destructive behaviors and malevolent experts and leaders.

Bad seeds are rare. Few are born dope addicts, robbers, thieves, wife beaters or murderers. Moreover, while history is replete with families and nations ruled through their sickest members, social engineering has extracted the essence of family dysfunction and refined it into new levels of sophistication and manipulation. Fortunately, an antidote is available at the Foundation of Human Understanding, and with a modicum of willingness and common sense, it would be easy to release most people from their living hells.

Throughout life, there are many decisive moments. At each point along the way, you can face your weakness, anxiety, fear and guilt (evidence of the influence others have over you) or you can excuse it -- or even worse, you can excuse the wrongdoer, take the burden of blame upon yourself and slowly self-destruct. If you see yourself doing things against the grain of your better nature, it means that somehow you have come under someone's influence, as was the case with Patty Hearst and Elizabeth Smart. This is insidious because you do not recognize this gradual deterioration.

Coming from shallow, syrupy, over-protected homes, or over-zealous religious environments, or violent "dysfunctional" circumstances, has set the stage for your "education." Family members, setting you up to fail, bully you into an unbearable existence of quiet or overt desperation, a life in which you are "passed on" from one tyrant to another without any understanding of what is happening to you, and without any apparent way out.

Everyday life experiences exert hypnotic influences. Every waking moment unseen pressures are breaking us down, adding new compulsions, re-opening old wounds and reinforcing their conditioning. So subtle is hypnotic brainwashing that the way to life is very narrow and few are those that find it. Our problem lays not so much with the fault or wrong behavior itself, but in our inability or unwillingness to see it and to interpret correctly what we see.

American prisons are overflowing with human "conduits" of evil, locked into a vicious, dog-eat-dog system of victims creating victims. Psychiatry gives different names to countless mental aberrations and emotional disorders, even though they all have essentially the same thing in common -- just one root cause, which if understood would set us free.

The legion of symptoms and behaviors vary only with respect to the kind of person, experience and suggestion subconsciously imprinted at the primal moment of trauma. The method of changing one's beliefs, loyalties and behaviors is a simple, damnable emotional trick that, without your unwitting co-operation (rage, excuses, denial and struggle), would fail.

Manipulators of all sorts work behind the scenes. They are invisible in the sense that they have the power to defame and punish anyone observing them for what they are. Injustice, cruelty and uncompromising terror is the name of their game. And your response to them is resentment-based servitude, an unhealthy fixation-affection for the hate object, but which you regard as love and loyalty. After all, do you really think all those Iraqis fawning over Saddam Hussein truly love him? Of course not, they hate and fear the "butcher of Baghdad" with all of their being - but for many that powerful emotion has turned into "love" and "loyalty."

Those who would rule must have no pity, and only the heartless rise through the ranks. Protected by layers and legions of expendable, unwitting minions and willing rabble, social engineers thrive on "hurt and rescue" conditioning. First comes the emotional hurt. Then comes the "rescue" -- the reward of a little relief from the previous torture, which often appears as an infusion of fake affection and other rewards for doubting yourself and submitting. Now that the Elizabeth Smart phenomenon has surfaced (and we are very happy to see her safe) -- and considering the current national atmosphere of tension and terror -- it is imperative to realize that we are all emotionally vulnerable to terror programming.

Looking back on why she did not escape when she could, Patty Hearst said she could not bring herself to believe that anyone could compel her to do anything, let alone rob a bank. Therefore, she took the implanted loyalty to the SLA to be her own free will. Likewise, rationalizations such as, "I could stop smoking if I wanted to, but I want to smoke," can make every loss of selfhood appear to be one's own will.

Under the influence of an accomplished hypnotist, subjects will explain away anything suggested to them in exactly the same way they do in their own life. They cannot see and they will not see, because ego forbids them to see that they are not in control of their own minds.

Like so many people, you may be well aware of, and in conflict with, all the things that you are doing wrong, but you can neither control nor explain them. Therefore, if you have ever made an excuse, then you had better take a moment to understand all its ramifications.

The excuse is the fatal error, immutable evidence that something -- another will other than your own -- has acted through you. Excuses cloud the ego, protecting it from the shaming light of the pursuing reality. Blinded by a multitude of excuses, you cannot see who is doing what to you and keeping you from living your own life. The temptation to make an excuse is an all-important moment of truth, like approaching the border between heaven and hell. If you resist making an excuse you cross over to the right side of life, but if you make the excuse you instantly reject deliverance and draw that much closer to abuser hell. In fact, if you even toy with the idea of the excuse, it will be too late.

Next time you feel pressured, guilty, and then sorry for someone and kindly disposed to help, in that order, know for sure that you are being manipulated. Watch out for the pull in your solar plexus that will not let you say "no." That old excuse, "I don't want to hurt their feelings," is a lie - it is actually your feelings that are threatened, not theirs.

Your ego, grounded as it is in people-approval, fears the vital loss of such friends, feeling as though being honest with them will cause the emotional rug of their "love" to be pulled from under you. Anxiety stems from sensing the slavishness to a sense-based illusion of worth. Therefore, it would be wise to wait for that feeling to pass, to the end that you may choose freely to grant a favor, or decline. However, prepare yourself ahead of time for a venomous outburst of rage, which might, if you are not careful, upset you back into the old syndrome of "giving out of guilt." You will see in that moment that they never loved or respected you, just exploited your infantile failure to deal with anger -- theirs and yours.

Not all you do for others comes from the goodness of your heart. The mean-spirited authority will keep you in the dark by rewarding your trained-seal behavior with fishy tidbits of approval. "I love too much, that's what is the matter with me," is a classic excuse. You must see that the love that "loves too much" is not gracious love, not real love - truly, it is servitude. There is not a single excuse on earth that someone has not already thought of long before you were that twinkle in your father's eye.

The endless loop of mental chatter has the same meaning in every language. Billions of blind pawns in mental chains move in an endless cycle of drudgery by powers unseen.

Bill O'Reilly on Fox News recently asked a professor of sociology about how Elizabeth Smart could have been brainwashed: "You're telling me that some clown, some delusional idiot, who says God's talking to him, can turn this girl around in a period of months?" The expert did not have a clue.

In truth, the answer is so painful that society does not want to know. We generally prefer denial to painful reality. So painful can reality be that someone caught in a criminal act will also act like the victim and turn on you as though it were a crime to catch him.

The antidote to personal and psycho-political trauma conditioning is currently available only at the Foundation of Human Understanding.

There is no great mystery, Ivan Pavlov's research with the conditioning of animal behavior, which led to Soviet psychiatrists perfecting techniques for reprogramming humans, is well documented.

Pre-Cold War Soviet experiments into the cause of mental illness were never conducted for the sake of their redemptive value to the human race, but rather to perfect ways to extinguish souls. The name of the game is psycho-politics, the mind-control equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction.

Only the United States of America, with its high ethical tone and Judeo-Christian values, has stood in the way of world domination. The left has done the same thing to America's youth that it previously did to dominate the minds of one-third of the world's population. Mental and emotional illnesses now abound in America and all the wrong solutions are being given to make everyone worse, to make us all dependent on "experts" and "authorities." That is how they intended to take control.

The pioneers of brainwashing understand well how to make troubled minds more troubled. However, if they understand mental illness well enough to make everyone sicker, then surely the cure should not be far off.

There can be only one answer as to why a real cure seems unavailable; people generally do not really want to know, and those in charge of mental health do not want them to know---a double disaster! No wonder we are in the dark!

Is it mere coincidence that universities are over-staffed with tenured liberal professors, especially experts in the field of mental health? Legions of psycho-politically misguided graduates have been giving the kind of advice and therapy destined to unbalance and divide the general population.

In this manner, a small army of "expert" authorities can confuse and confound a much larger body of people and manipulate their loyalties into a relationship of co-dependence on those same "experts."

By prescribing drugs to suppress mounting anxieties and the fears they cause, the "experts" in psychiatry have achieved new levels of control. The educational system that has confounded and drugged many of our children has programmed them to eventually vote away our freedoms.

America is currently a target for conquest through psychological warfare on two fronts: While radicalized Islam attacks America from without, the left continues to subvert America from within - primarily through the thoroughly corrupt Democratic Party, biased news and entertainment media, subversive public education and Marxist leaning college professors.

Since all forms of evil serve the same master, we can assume that our adversaries on the left are glad to see Islamic jihad hatred toward the U.S. absorbing our attention, using up our national substance, finances, armaments and energies. The left has to be gratified that U.S. citizens live in fear of terrorism. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, after all, and in that sense, the left and radical Islam are allies - they both hate America and what it stands for.

The solution to all of this - from the giant, geo-political problems of socialism and radicalized Islam, to the everyday problems of anxiety, guilt, fear and resentment - lie in our ability as individuals to pull ourselves free from the hypnotic, conditioning effects of everyday life, to be free to be the person God truly intended us to be. After all, human beings were created to express the will of another - but that is supposed to be God and not this or that bully, manipulator, seducer or tyrant. For over four decades, the Foundation of Human Understanding has helped hundreds of thousands of people to break free from every sort of destructive influence and to discover within themselves the true direction, meaning and joy God intended for them

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