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Mining the Message Behind the Word

part 3

by Roy Masters

Many of you live from your emotional reactions, and you think that's being human, but nothing can be further from the truth--that's a lie, a lie perpetuated for those who want to believe such a lie. Your emotional state is dehumanizing to you. In your delusions of grandeur, you cultivate these emotional reactions, these failings, these bondings that turn into bondage. They support your ego, and as long as you are caught up in an emotional state, you can hear only the lies you want to believe. You hear only what you want to believe in your brain, and the emotional state keeps your consciousness drawn in and away from the truth, the inner light, time presence or timelessness, the always "now" state of being, eternal youth, eternal life.

The emotional ego life stimulates the emotional reactions of the animal, but because human beings have a consciousness, we should not cultivate the emotional state of animals and make it the life of our ego. We escape in to it for a sense of being alive and vital, and in doing so we become more of an ego animal, lee of a human being. Your soul becomes tainted with strange thoughts, strange lusts and angsts and cruelties as you are slowly drawn away from the ideal state that God had in mind when He created you and all there is.

I'm not asking you to be a prune or a prude, some kind of Stoic, rigid and mechanical, a religious bureaucrat. No, far from it. I am certainly none of the above! I'm a carefree person. Carefree are those who hunger and thirst after the right way. It comes from the old English word "blithe" and it means "carefree." Blessed are those who hunger for that state of mind are unhappy with their birth "wrong," the way they were born. We all have to live under the gun, so to speak, because we were born to parents like animals, but the first man was not.

Ever since Adam, mankind has been born of woman, and some of us have a nagging awareness of the dilemma it has put us in and long to be born again. "To be born again": what does it mean? It is to find a way to be lifted from our subjectivity to time, living like an animal, body and soul, in time present as it flows over us and takes us inexorably toward the waterfall, the abyss.

Those who have the eyes and the ears to understand will understand. The rest can go to hell. That's where they're going anyway. Narrow is the way and few are those who find it. I'm not the only person to say that. I'm just hoping that my fellow Americans will wake up before it's too late, because if you are not ruled by the eternal now state of consciousness in which you were designed to live, you will be ruled by tyrants, as you presently are.

You had your freedom in this country. You inherited it, and now you wonder why you are losing your freedom. That's the mystery. It's because you have no spiritual gut. You are no longer subject to Him who made the universe and created you in His image, even in your mother's womb, to be subject to Him. You have been re-created, re-birthed as it were, by the world, by corruption. You don't know how to deal with the moment. You respond to the pressures to temptation, and you don't know how not to respond. Slavishly you act out your programming and then make excuses for it.

What a pathetic lot! All of you who listen to your psychologists and entertainers and gurus and religions--are you better off? Not really. You think you are, but that's the problem. Most of you who listen to me know that you're not, and you are the ones I want to help to come into that world of the right way, where you will be able to obey your conscience without conflict, anxiety, guilt.

In the moment of truth, you meet the pressures of life, and you react by becoming upset in a way that separates you from the good. If you respond to pressure, as you all do, and think it's natural to be upset, you're out of you're gourd. it is not natural for you. It's natural for animals to react to pressure, to be intimidated and to respond. in human beings it's failing, and all other failings spring from that first failing, all of them. When you respond to pressures and temptations, all of them--like seeing some money and knowing you shouldn't take it. That's a temptation that excites you. You can feel your body tingling. Or in the case of you gentlemen, you may see a pretty woman who is not your wife, and you feel a temptation to do what you shouldn't. You can feel the rush that engulfs your consciousness and pulls it away from your being able to obey what is right in your heart. You are becoming dehumanized and you are being controlled, whether you see it or not.

If you gather up the courage to stop making excuses, you might be able to see how far you have fallen. the excuse mechanism gives you the rationale for your compulsive, slavish behavior. It helps you to deny the truth of what is happening to you, unfortunately, because it keeps you from being saved from it.

How many of you make excuses when you do something dumb? Hold up your hand. If you didn't raise your hand, you're a bloody liar. Excuses are the immutable evidence that you are not living your life properly. They have become your truth. You can rationalize anything at all, even the lies that occur to you to help your ego save face. Even those lies, which are excuses, become your truth. you don't manufacture them yourself--you don't create them. They come from the source, the father of all lies, the ringmaster who is cracking the whip over you. You are no ordinary animal, subject to ordinary environments, but you allow the evil lurking in others to screw with your brain and evolve those emotional reactions. They gloat over your susceptibility to their blandishments. I hope that some of you got the message. I'll never stop trying to make it available to you. My name is Roy Masters.


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