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Mining the Message Behind the Word

part 2

by Roy Masters

You have the illusion of freedom, and this freedom allows you to be more and more of an animal as you sink lower than a worm's belly, and the more you respond to temptation, the pressures of life, like an animal dancing under the ringmaster's cracking whip, you cannot see that hidden master, the subliminal suggestions that control and shape (or miss-shape) you.

You cannot see what you have fallen to because just enough of the human nature remains in you to experience a twinge of guilt and shame whenever you get a glimpse of the conflict between what you are and what you could have been if you had followed the light of conscience at the edge of thought. You see it as the punisher and the enemy, and you look on anything that gives you a sense of freedom from it as your friend. That is the illusion you live under, but the fact is that you lack full awareness. Of course, you are conscious but you have no conscious because you drown in it drinking and smoking, eating and sexing, theater going and just plain living it up, losing yourself in the activity of the flesh. You are always arousing sensual feelings so that your consciousness will be drawn into the mindset, or thought process, of the fantasy world or holodeck of your own thinking, so that you can elude the time presence that preexists us and through which we should exist forever.

Now, if you live in the time presence, you live in the now present and you live forever. It's a spiritual life. You are able then in the time present to be above time, beyond time. It's as though the rest of the world is represented by a fast-moving river, and in that river the rest of humanity floats on rafts without engines, with the river moving faster than the rafts or boats. The river represents time flowing over those boats, people without oars, pushing them toward a waterfall, an inevitable end, the end of time for them. They are helpless. Time is running out.

We are all subject to everything in the universe: the moon, the sun, the stars. Creatures are subject to time; they live in time present and they do not have a time presence. In time presence you are raised above the time stream. It's like sitting on the bank of a river and watching everybody struggle. You can watch the time go by. To me it is always now. I get up in the morning and it's now. I'm driving my car and it's now, cleaning my teeth and it's now, and having my breakfast now, and coming to the office now. I don't feel time passing; it is always now. I can see time passing, but I don't experience it.

Strangely, I always feel young even though I am not young. I live in time presence and I am talking to you from time presence. My words are shaped by what I am given to say. Unfortunately, most of you are not living. You don't know the difference between time present and time presence. The time presence: if you have union with it, you are in the Creator's time presence and His presence lifts your consciousness above the thought stream.

If you live in your though stream, you are living in your brain, past and future. There is no such thing as past, no such thing as future. You are simply lost in the time stream, and when you are lost in the time stream you are like one of the animals. Instead of being influenced by time presence and basking in its sweetness and light, its purpose and meaning as it was preordained on earth as it is in heaven, you are subject to the forces that keep you happy as though you had any sense.

If you are reacting emotionally, like an animal, you are subject to the world around you and influenced by forces you cannot and will not see. you have a sense of freedom, but this freedom is not free. It is free only from the truth that could set you free and show you what a pathetic slave you really are. You won't draw a sane breath as long as you live. You will live a meaningless existence. You'll have your pleasure and your creepy creature comforts, your cars and your parties and your friends, play canasta and go to the theaters and enjoy your life--go ahead, enjoy it. It becomes meaningless and empty, and if it doesn't, there is something terribly wrong and no one can fix it. If it hasn't become meaningless and empty by now, and you have the opportunity to live that life that leads to death, emptiness and the realization that something is terribly wrong, everything is going wrong with your life: your marriage, your health, your everything--what does it take to wake you up? To make you realize that you are existing in a wrong way?

No man can worship two masters. You respond to one or the other. The trouble is that you don't realize you have a master--and it's the lower, not the higher. You are being shaped by this ringmaster cracking the whip, and you think you are a free person, an individual free-thinking person. But everything that is going wrong with you now has gone wrong with every other person who have ever lived under the same laws. They had the same excuses, the same logic, or illogic.

He who represents time presence can lift you out of your unconsciousness, your thinking, feeling self, and make your consciousness subject to His ruling, His will on earth. His will, not yours; you don't have a will. The only will you have is to will which way you want to will. You can will your own freedom, you can will to do what the hell you want, to be what you want to be and play god and go to hell any way you want--that's your choice. That's not my choice. Maybe it isn't yours. Maybe you don't know how to get back. Maybe I can show you. Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how sincere you are.

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