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Mining the Message Behind the Word

by Roy Masters

All that words can do is lead you to the truth, whatever that truth is, and the understanding that can be extracted from knowing the truth. Beyond that, you must have the "searchingness" that is equivalent to the scientific interest one might have in the physics of the universe.

You are stuck with words, and if you have a bureaucratic heart but lack the soul that would enable you to extrapolate the meaning behind the words, you are left with verses and chapters. It's like a living death.

Christianity, for a thousand years at least, ever since Christ passed away from the earth and left his ministry in the hands of mere men, has been busy sterilizing the meanings of scriptures instead of understanding the content of the words so fully that the words themselves can be forgotten. We should liken words to road maps. Once we have used a road map to go, say, to New York, we no longer need the road map once we arrive at our destination. If you keep studying the road map, imagining yourself to be on a journey while failing to get in the car, you will never get anywhere at all.

It's the same with studying scripture. You dare not, under penalty of a living death, go that way. The scripture itself says that "the letter killeth," and the spirit of that, is you can derive it from the letters, the words of the laws, the experiences of other people as written in scripture or elsewhere, it permeates your being beyond the need of words. They will have done their job.

Words are the only tool available to those who seek to lead us to understanding. They speak of the reality, but they do not contain it within themselves, any more than the word "tree" can offer you shade from the hot sun. We give too much attention to the words themselves we are in danger of stuck, hung up, on them and becoming spiritual bureaucrats, dead from the neck up, thinking we have something that we do not have.

Consider the commandment of Jesus to "love God with all thy heart and thy neighbor as thyself." If you were able to extract the metaphysical meaning of those words, if you were able to understand the root of them with great clarity, to grasp it with everything you have, your heart, your soul, your mind, your strength--really understand it--your life would take a marvelous turn. Your health would improve, your family, your life. If enough people in this country were to understand that particular law upon which all other laws rest, the country would become a paradise.

Life is in the present moment. This moment is always. Now is forever. You must live in the now, the now present. There are two modi operandi available to you. The one is like that of an animal in the present. Now listen carefully to see the difference if you have the perception to do so, although most people don't--it's like talking to the wall. I don't mean to be rude, but the great unwashed masses are incapable of this understanding. Most Americans are simply animals, as are most of the people in the world. There is little hope for them. Hope exists only for the individuals who stand head and shoulder above the masses by their yearning and they will understand what I am about to say.

There is time present, and there is time presence. Animals live in time present; for them, there is no time presence. Time presence contains the factor of objectivity, and animals do not have the soul or consciousness that human beings are supposed to have. We do, but we lose it. We submerge our consciousness in our devolving animal form. The fact that you are living in time present reveals that you are not living objectively, beyond your thought stream, beyond the irrational animal feelings and thoughts that drive and control you, and through which you are bonded like an animal to the environment.

The environment is full of other animals, human beings that have become animals by virtue of some mysterious failing called "ego." Human beings are slaves. There is not a human being, or at least there are very few, who are not slaves. They can believe they are free only because they can not see that they are slaves. They are missing the objective state that would show then what slaves they really are. They are in a state of denial. If you do not see by this other way of seeing, this inner light that most of you have denied and put out, you have no way to see that you are a slave. You are free only because you cannot see, and will not see, that you are a slave.


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