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Judge Not the Dead

part 3

by Roy Masters

You have to be very careful about extolling the virtues of another. Don't make such a huge emotional thing of it, because when you do you are identifying with another and taking strength from his behavior. You sympathize. The trouble is that you have such pain of living that when an occasion comes up to champion what you are really like inside, the emotional attraction, the bonding, is so strong that it takes you away from the pain of your own conflict, the unsureness about your own goodness, and it gives you tremendous relief.

Feeling sorry for that person and feeling loving and being loved by that person, you're not changing. You're actually getting worse in the moment of your weeping. It's a false sense of compassion. Just be careful how you mourn. Mourning can be a blessed state, but for us human beings on this earth, the extent of our ignorance about such things is overwhelming. The human race is so completely ignorant, so easily led like sheep to the slaughter, that hardly a person will survive this century. With all the hate in the world, and all the false love in the world, we haven't a prayer.

We're talking about human love and divine love, and human love that passes for divine love. The devil can pose as a ministering angel of light. Indeed, he can, so you have to be careful of the sweetest nicest people who seem to love you. You married one, and when the mask was off, I'm sure you were shocked by what was really there. Princess Di married a prince, and look what happened. She married a monster. And she wasn't such a sweet little thing herself. She tried to be good. We all try to be good, don't we? We all try to love, but we don't know what love is. We haven't the foggiest idea. I'm telling you that you don't know what love is. Some of you do, but not many. So if you think you do, fine. God help you if you think you do and you don't. You're in big trouble and you'd better pay attention to what I'm saying.

We have poor people, but most of the poor in this country are not poor. They are just wretched, and they're wretched because they're the likes of Bill Clinton. He is their model, always stroking and reinforcing them while enslaving the likes of you and me, decent people. Halfway decent, I should say, because we are for the most part halfway to heaven or to hell, depending on which way we're headed. The liberal government is bent on enslaving the likes of us to breed the likes of them. Liberal love has literally destroyed America, desolated it. What did the Great Society turn into, thanks to liberal love? Anyone with an ounce of common sense should know that that kind of love never works. Liberals have love and no truth.

When you simply love people unconditionally, without truth, they become more foul. And conservatives have truth, but they have no love. They are cold, rigid, mechanical, hypocritical. So what have we got in this country? Big fat nothings. Rich or poor, grace is available to you, along with wisdom and understanding, and no teaching is really necessary. Of course, you have to raise a person's consciousness to the point where he can see the truth about himself, but you'll never raise a person's consciousness of reality by telling him how wonderful he is, buoying him up and helping him to have "self-esteem," the rallying cry of today's "educators." What stupidity! What wickedness!

You can't give a person confidence, any more than you can give him character or courage. Unearned righteousness, self-esteem, is filthy and dishonest. You who hold that kind of self-esteem live by the way people look at you. You're an approval seeker. You enslave yourself and give your money to the poor and your body to be burned. You're a preacher with a silver tongue, a loving mother, encouraging your children to be sensitive to the needs of others and suck up to them in order to be thought highly of; that's not the name of the game. If you love people, be honest, straight, with them. If they're good and decent, fine. Character is its own reward. And if they're out of order, tell them. If you don't tell them, and you just ignore the fact that they have no morals--they drink too much or they run around with another man's wife--and you still remain their friend!? Well, can you imagine me not reprimanding my friend if I knew that he was running around with another man's wife? Do you think I'd remain his friend, joke about it, and chalk it up to his just being himself, doing what he has to do to be happy, all that kind of garbage? Do you think that's love?

When I finish with a person, he had better be a better human being as the result of my knowing him. If he isn't, let him rot, let him starve and die on the street; I won't care. Suffering is important to the human race. Through suffering we may learn the folly of our ways, because suffering comes as the consequence of our choices. It comes to tell us that we have taken a wrong turn or lived a wrong life. We may even see that we are headed in the wrong direction in time to turn back, but suffering waits for us at the bottom of the pit we descend into through pride. Rich or poor, we must suffer the pain of consequences, and our existence prods us to ask the reason for our suffering. But if we have a whole army of people descending on us to tell us how wonderful we are, saying "Oh, you poor Dear--it's not your fault," we face disaster.

Our no-fault society is itself a disaster. Of course, we're at fault, but we have people all over the place assuring us that it is not our fault--it's our genes. It's not our fault that we are alcoholics; it's our genes--not our fault that we're bums; it's our genes! It's not our fault that we are poor and wretched; it's our genes. "Here, let me help you," they say, but where is the help coming from? Somebody else's genes. So the decent people are milked, degraded, to help the indecent to thrive and proliferate. The billions of dollars that have gone into creating the "great society" have been wasted--we have more poor and more degenerates now than we ever had before. We're more wretched, more degenerate, sicker, shooting the statistics on murder, mayhem, and crime of all kinds to the sky. And they just don't get it.

Now we are holding up Mother Teresa and Princess Diana as representatives of love, but that's the kind of love that has never changed anybody. It looks far better than it really is. Take care. Judge not the dead. Look instead at your need to do so.


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