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Judge Not the Dead

part 2

by Roy Masters

A lot of people don't feel guilty for feeling good about themselves. They just keep finding ways to feel even better. But losing themselves in religiosity and people who love them and tell them that God loves them the way they are, and finding the stimulation to live the same kind of life through their example, animated as it were by their champion--lapping up that kind of adoration is deadly. I'm trying to tell you that there is a kind of love that is very deadly. And there is a loving of that lover, equally deadly.

I'm sure that cannibals love their cannibal king, and nazis love Hitler, and that kind of love makes them sicker, but they all feel okay about themselves. They are all dying. And this pantomime, this spectacle being acted out over Princess Diana--I'm not saying that she was a bad person, but she was a party-goer, an adulteress. She tried to be the best person she could be, and she was gracious. I'm sure there was a certain amount of genuineness about it all; yet it was misguided. For the most part it was the kind of natural grace we are all born with that is not yet completely jaded and destroyed by the stresses of life. She tried to be the best wife she could be because her own mother had run out on her, and the psychology involved here bears repeating again and again. She had a dysfunctional family. Her father wasn't all that good either. So she had a lot of hatred in her heart. You can hardly have a child with a dysfunctional mother and father who is free of hate and guilt, but if the child is well-meaning as Diana surely was, she turns her guilt into service. She would have turned her man into a prince even if he had not been one, and she expected to be loved in return for loving.

It begins like that with most women. They sacrifice themselves to a man. But the trouble is that when you sacrifice yourself to a man, you give him a god-like status, his ego puffs up, and you tempt him to come down to accept the unearned idolatry and puff up with it. And when a man's ego comes down to accept that praise, it is turned away from its natural course. It loves the worship. It needs the worship. Man's ego should be a worshiper of God, but when it is itself worshipped, both the worshiper and the worshipped are in deep doo-doo. A strong sense of lust emerges toward the worshiper, so love's reward consists only of lust and being ravaged.

Loving someone can actually turn him into a beast who ravages you and turns your love to hate. You stop loving and start hating. You want to run, and then you feel guilty about the anger you feel toward your prince, and you try harder to love. That's how some women end up battered, unable to leave, obsessed with the notion that if they could just love more the situation would right itself. Such a woman can't believe that her kind of love is only making things worse. And her guilt for hating brings out more of the same kind of love. And I say that Mother Teresa was affected in the same way.

There's an old French saying that when women get too old for men, they turn to God. They become good churchgoers. When that sense of guilt is turned away from sensuality, the hopelessness of it, a woman can become a helper, a lover of all the fallen and the poor. She is driven by a compulsion to love and be loved. The trouble with that is the need for more and more problems. Such a person becomes addicted to the problems of the world, which are many. The world never runs out of problems. When you are not focused on one human being who will then ravage you, you dispense your love to many others. Social workers can be like that, having come from the same kind of background. They are liberals because they have the mistaken idea that they can do good with their love, when as a matter of fact, they are making the whole society worse. Isn't society worse because of psychology and social workers and the human love we have for one another? Of course it is. Liberal love is the worst kind of love that looks like the best kind of love because it nurtures the worst in us. And we all suck that up.

Let me tell you a little story about love and a false sense of charity and the sense of worth that is held by people who are actually despicable, doing good for everyone and making everyone worse. The more good you do for them, the worse they become, and the worse they become the more they cry out for your help. And the more you help yourself to them for the sense of goodness you want for yourself, the more you destroy them. You're acting like a god, sending out your heaven in response to their growing cries, like the liberal government that will enslave you all, sooner or later. All liberals are conservative with their own money, but liberal with yours. They have a false sense of charity. They ruin people. But the story is simply this:

Many years ago, when I first started the Foundation, I had a lady helping me who had been the secretary of a famous movie mogul. When he died she didn't have much to do, so she came in and transcribed my lectures, which was very nice. She did this for a year or two, and I appreciated her help because she did a good job. Then one day, her daughter came into the Foundation and said "Mr. Masters, there's something you need to know about my mother. She's not what she appears to be. She's doing this for your approval. She isn't a nice person." I asked the reason for her opinion, and she told me that her mother took in all the bums and strays, the useless good-for-nothings, and that would be all right, except that she had no use for her own daughter. "I was almost raped several times," she said, "but she doesn't care about that. I'm independent, and I have no need for her services, you see, so she has no need for me. But she has a need to help all the stray dogs and cats and degenerates. She needs their love, so she brings them into the house and they mess it up, but she puts up with all that because she sees herself as another Mother Teresa."

Now I'm not saying that Mother Teresa didn't help anyone--don't get me wrong. But there was a dead giveaway concerning her motivation on one of the recent TV programs. She was quoted as saying that she had a dream in which she went up to heaven. St. Peter was standing at the gate, and when she asked if she could go in, he said "Go away. We have no poor here." Now, she took that dream to mean that she had to come back to earth and continue her lifelong work for the poor. But she missed the meaning of the dream. I'm not very good at dream interpretation, but this one is as clear as daylight. The dream was really telling her that she had been doing everything for a wrong reason--we have no need for you here. It was a rejection. Heaven has no need for the mortals who have such a need to be sorry for people in order to raise themselves up to their full height, and some people have cultivated their need to sacrifice themselves into a fine art, because this sort of thing is what the world will see as good and will glorify.

Jesus was not like that. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be kind to the poor, but there's a right way to be kind to the poor. We should not make them so dependent on our services that they remain impoverished, not only financially, but in spirit as well. A false sense of charity drives people to seek a divine purpose in their actions that will redound to their own glorification. In the name of glorifying God, of course! We have to be careful about helping the suffering of others. There's a right way and a wrong way to help suffering.

I'm not saying that I know for sure where Mother Teresa is going, because I don't judge her heart, but I'm asking you to withhold judgment too because there is a question here. I'm questioning, but only God can judge the hearts of people. We cannot. We can't say "Oh, she's such a great person!" You just don't know. Neither can you say "That's a bad person." You are not aware of the conflict that may be going on. You cannot know that the persons you are tempted to judge might have just found reality, having gone through pain, and must now live through the reputation they've earned the best they can.

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