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Judge Not the Dead

part 1

by Roy Masters

Hello, everyone. Dare I tackle Mother Teresa? Her good image? Dare I?

Yes, I dare. Yes. I dare. After all, my name is Roy Masters.

You know, there is always another side to any behavior. "If I speak with the tongue of angels," said Paul, "and give my body to be burned and my riches to the poor, and have no love, I'm nothing but a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal."

Could it be that all is not as it appears? I just want to raise the question because it's quite possible--maybe not in Mother Teresa's case, but I suspect so, and I'll tell you why in a minute. Everything the average person does is done for show, to create a good image and convince himself of its genuineness by pursuing what appears to be a love of the poor, self-sacrifice. Even a martyr can die for wrong reasons. A lot of you are martyrs, aren't you? For certain causes? You're just wrong people trying to be right, to look right. You'd rather be dead than admit you're wrong. You actually enjoy punishment. Some people do. Sado-masochists take pleasure in punishment. Some people enjoy being crucified; they feel hard-done-by, glorified by persecution. They don't know how to experience anything else. Everything backfires on them, anyway.

We need to examine our motives in becoming a good doctor or a good mother, and why it is that you often create more problems than you solve by being good. Bill Clinton is a champion, a champion validator of mass dishonor. He loves people the way they are. He doesn't love them from what they are. He encourages them to remain poor and degenerate, to continue to be liars and cheaters and good-for-nothing lazy bums. (Pardon the emphasis.) It's his nature to love those kinds of people, but they don't get any better.

I remember, when Princess Diana was being buried and all the people were moaning and groaning and grieving. Homosexuals came out dressed in costumes like devils with strange glowing war paint around their eyes, the weirdest looking costumes I've ever seen. It would be an embarrassment to receive accolades from people like that. They said how much they loved her and appreciated her, but they didn't change. They took her love, when she visited AIDS patients and did things like that, as a validation of their sickness and they stayed the same. To stay the same is to live longer to become "wronger," and you get worse. So there is a kind of love for people that doesn't raise them up at all. They stay poor. They stay perverts. They stay degenerates, child abusers, abusers of women. And those who love them, like the battered woman who loves her abuser, actually make them worse. The battered woman is addicted to her love for the abuser and her love actually makes him worse.

Love can often validate whatever has gone wrong in a person and thus encourage the wrong, not only on an individual level but on a countrywide social level. We have to be very careful about accepting as virtuous the love that is extolled by the media, because that kind of love reaches out to the sensuous nature of people. It loves the base nature of people and is not productive of any benefit whatsoever, other than the relief of pain--we all feel so good when we are loving and being loved.

Do you think that Mother Teresa went to heaven? I doubt it, and I'll tell you why in a few moments. First, can you judge a book by its cover? I don't think so. Can the church turn an ordinary mortal into a saint? Who do we mere mortals think we are, to be creating our own saints? There is something horribly egotistical about that. All you have to do is adhere to certain criteria and they'll make you a saint. But what about the inner motives of a human being? According to the Bible, our righteousness is like filthy rags, the rags that women had used during their period in the old days. It's not just ordinary filthy rags. The Bible is saying it in no uncertain terms.

Our righteousness, our surface behavior that looks so good in the eyes of others that it wins applause and acclaim, can actually be motivated by the desire to win that applause and acclaim, even though a person can look very humble when receiving it. Such a person can say all the right things and do all the right things, but as the Scripture says, "if I speak with the tongue of angels and give my body to be burned and my riches to the poor, and have not love"--just something that seems to be love, a simulation of love, my own construction of love, lacking in reality inside, not extended for a right reason--"I'm nothing but sounding brass or a tinkling bell."

In other words, I'm using Mother Teresa, since she is a well-known personage in the public consciousness, as an object lesson. I'm not saying that she is in hell or in heaven. I'm just saying that she might not be where you think she is, where you have put her in your own mind, because you tend to put people in heaven and judge people. "Oh," you say, "that's a good person. Look what he did!" But do you know what was in that person's heart? That is the question. And did that person know his own heart? We can actually fool ourselves into thinking that we're good when we are not.

Princess Diana, also, was not as sweet and good, although she tried to be and was well-meaning, as the public perceived her to be. Being well-meaning can pave the road to hell. In being well-meaning we cannot bring forth the well of our meaning. We haven't found the grace that can shine and reflect God's grace into the world. We usually reflect our own grace, doing our own good to be rewarded for it. I can guarantee you that Princess Di made the classic mistake of all women who have had a difficult childhood, a dysfunctional childhood. I guarantee that she made the same mistake through the same thought processes, which are very mortal, very earthy and egotistical. Even the most well-meaning of us are all tangled up in our assessments of right and wrong and knowing what good is and deciding on the best way to bring it forth. We want to do good. A lot of you are decent sorts of people, but decent is not good enough to guarantee you a place in heaven. You are going to take with you whatever has grown up inside you.

So what is inside? And when you take it with you, where do you go? What is your secret life? What is the secret life of Jimmy Swaggert? Everybody loved him. And Jim Baker, and all the other famous people who seem to love you just the way you are, and say "God this" and "God that" and preach all the good things. But are they really good? It's a performance. You really believe that God loves you, and you're excited to hear about God's loving you. He does love you, but not necessarily the way you are. He does not love you the way you are; that's why you have a conscience. It is through your conscience that you feel God's love. It knocks on your noggin, your door, to tell you that there's something wrong with you. And the average person takes offense at that.

The average schmuck, if you'll pardon the expression, which you probably are, has a fat ego and it wants to be assured that you're okay. That's the worst thing you can do. You want a validator, even someone who will champion your kind of person. So if you're falsely good, you'll look to someone who is falsely good to be your champion, just as the cannibal king will validate cannibals and make them feel good about themselves. They don't have to feel bad about being cannibals. He serves as an external savior.

In Mother Teresa and Princess Di you have external representatives. You identify with them. You feel reassured by their goodness that your goodness is okay too. You don't realize the deadly consequence--you have no idea of the deadliness of this game of life. It is to the death: your death. Have you ever felt good about yourself, and then felt some conflict about that feeling? Have you had people love you and tell you how good you are, and you sucked it up, and then you felt unworthy? Have you ever felt guilty for being religious? You don't feel right about being right? Have you ever had that feeling? Well, you're not alone.


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