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Neutralizing Intimidators

by Roy Masters

Injustice is powered by one single purpose. It lusts to get inside and control you.

If we were all able to cleave to what we were born to know is right in our hearts, then evil could never convert us nor advance its various causes. Beyond genocide and the persecution of the innocent, battle lines have already been drawn between good and evil forces on three major fronts. Committed haters have targeted our nation, our homes, and our minds.

Evil, operating through all its agents everywhere, has sworn never to allow a single child of the light to remain alive long enough to learn or to show the way to God.

Neutralizing Intimidators

The most hated of all are children. Their crime is that they see with unvarnished, innocent eyes. The plan of America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic, is to corrupt the children before they grow up to become loyal Americans, full of faith in God. And it is working. The American Home Schooling Association reports that 70 percent of K-12 kids cannot return the correct change from a $2.19 purchase, if handed a $5.00 bill. Half cannot name two of America’s founders and even fewer can name one of the 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Most of the unlearned know even less about the principles upon which America was founded. The chance of teaching morals to their children is unlikely.

The faithful and brave are next to be singled out to hate. Their lack of deference to the powers that be is their greatest sin. The good are hated because they don’t want to hate, to be a victim of hate or hurt anyone. Their counterpart, dyed-in-the-wool haters, need your hate to justify their own dark existence. So, by not hating back, their entire sense of existence goes into shock and is threatened. For this reason, all predators mark the innocent for persecution, to be singled out, hunted down and crushed. Watch out for the secret life of that nice-in-your-face teacher at school, or that cranky old next-door neighbor.

Many families are ruled by their sickest member. A few members survive, the rest are broken. The weak ones adopt the sickest member’s world view, programmed to submit to or bully future generations. A recent poll of feminists found that the majority had more sympathy for Andrea Yates than for her drowned children. The slow cultural transformation, which now embraces a new unreality, sets the tone for the shaping of America’s foreign policy, seemingly supportive of those who would bring our nation to its knees. Hate is the preferred weapon for such an ambitious coup.

Political Prostitution Works

Despotic leaders have always risen to power, through so-called compassion for the angry and rebellious masses. Operating out of the dark idea that someone else is responsible for their failure in life, the world’s masses need a hate object. One pharaoh held the inhabitants of Egypt’s Goshen suburb responsible for one of its economic slumps. Germans thought Jews stole the wealth of their nation. And Islam tells its adherents that America is the Great Satan. The pattern is unchanged. Chronic haters always transfer their slavish allegiance from one despot to another, beginning inside most families.

Gangs and nations are also ruled by their sickest member. There is no escape from your family’s dictator and no escape from a Congress full of manipulators. There is only transference. All the wars ever fought were rooted in the insane rising to the top. They have a twisted sense of right and wrong. They are always on the offense for our demise.

When I was 10 years old, I remember visiting an aunt’s house and feeling her presence. She was watching me like a praying mantis that suddenly sensed I was too big for her to eat. As I glanced up, her appearance suddenly took on that accommodating, friendly, phony demeanor. America has several sets of cunning eyes peering in on us, waiting for our vulnerability to ripen, not unlike my aunt. The question is will we recognize our next attacker perhaps hiding amongst those who seem never to be wrong?

To be right and never wrong means that everyone must be at fault, and always the objects of blame, confused, wrong and never right! This is more than a geopolitical phenomena. You may have many of your own horror stories to tell. People who have a talent for creating arguments out of nothing are everywhere.

A man comes home. His wife greets him with a sour face. He asks, "What’s the matter, honey?" She acts as if he ought to know the answer before ever being told. He doesn't. It could be that he forgot to bring home milk or bread — but she didn’t ask him to. This man doesn’t know it yet, but he is being maneuvered to be the fall guy for her pre-existing rage. His frustration grows after falling into an endless whirlpool of un-winnable arguments. Soon his level of spiritual fatigue forces him to sue for peace. Often this peace costs far more than he has.

To stand up to any such manipulator is to risk the little sanity you might have left. The law is often on the mind-screwer’s side because they know precisely how to act like victims, always in the right.

Families divided by the influence of their sickest member are destined to become the next generation of drunks, drug addicts and unforgiving clones. They will inherit the false power of always being right and never, ever being wrong. It is pure hell trying to make them see the harm they are doing. It invariably takes a tragedy to awaken them to reality. Others would rather be dead and see you dead than be wrong. A whole nation is shaped for the conquering to come, one home at a time.

Imagine wrong nudging out right on a large scale. An entire nation makes the wrong leader into a god. The inward hostility of the masses justifies their imagined superiority over the rest of humanity, with their god’s help. They see themselves as always right and never wrong, a chief component of suppressed rage. History is replete with starry-eyed nations ravaging their neighbors. For power and glory, fanatics have used the energy of hate and envy in countless attempts to turn our planet into an uninhabitable desolation. We may be facing another attempt.

Always Right Is Pathological

Always right and never wrong involves two cause-and-effect principles. The unsane intimidate the sane, who fall into resentment and become the effect and the apparent loser. When people become emotionally entangled in this manner, it becomes difficult to tell who is right and who is wrong. Resentful people can feel and think they are wrong even though they may be right, in principle. But then there are the faithful, who know and they know that they know. No matter the legwork of the manipulator, the faithful never lose sight of a clear vision of what-is-what and who-is-who. It is a simple as remaining in your seat no matter how exciting the TV program you’re watching.

Decent people have the biggest hurdle to leap. They are singled out for persecution simply because they exist and see. Everything they do is turned into a judgment against them. If they are weak, the insane puff up with contempt. Upset and violence feeds their reciprocal cruelty. This is the pulse of liberalism.

The misguided liberal media, with their perverse sympathy for the world’s rabble, have succeeded in standing our principle of right and wrong on its head. They theorize that by bringing America down to their level, the world’s conflicts will end. When it comes to understanding what peace and love is all about, liberals tend to act out of a submissive role. This is a game far more dangerous than the pathetic do-gooders of this world, but the principle is the same. One cannot save an abuser with love.

The permissiveness of liberalism has increased the number of people who do not aspire to American virtues. Wrongdoers are becoming privileged, often granted rights over decent Americans. Race has become superior to character, while American citizenship is being sold for the cost of a counterfeit green card.

The motivation of the hateful to fight the next world war is not lost on our enemies. They are busy at work encouraging an ancient enmity between men and women, one race against another and one-half of the nation against the other. They intend to convert the resulting negative energy into political power. They yearn to cause universal family chaos, designed to collapse America from within. What the hellish haven’t learned is that no matter their numbers, the energy of hate is short-lived and can never permanently overcome good.

During the Cold War a liberal reporter asked U.S. Navy Admiral William Crowe if he taught his men to hate the enemy. He answered that if he did, it would make the troops more afraid than brave. Noble leaders understand exactly how ignoble tyrants get their men to fight their wars and how to defeat tyrants without descending to their level of decadence.

Despots use their nations’ educational systems to demoralize their youth into hate machines. Demoralized individuals rarely turn the hate they (are made to) feel toward those who degrade them. They project it upon the innocent, instinctively. They are duty bound to serve the beast that re-created them in its image. Remembering none of the harm done to them corrupted children grow up feeling and projecting their mentors’ hate. They never know what it means to be true to themselves. These transmogrified beings are driven to survive as ruthless beasts in a dehumanizing, dog-eat-dog system.

Evil transmits through two forms of hate, vindictive anger and the submissive response to its intimidation. Programming is forcibly inserted through the victim’s repressed resentment. Mortally wounded, the victim’s identity begins its journey of transformation into the likeness of the tormentor. Without grace the victim is condemned to a life of servitude. They are bound to sacrifice the life force they bully out of others to their superiors for acceptance. Evil political causes can advance in no other way except through a power that grows from a person’s angry reaction to intimidation.

Bullies are basically cowards, every one, all the way to the top. They all have one secret and the same terrible fear. They are terrified of encountering those with grace — who have no anger and hence no fear. A bully’s fear can be remedied in only two ways. They must muster up more rage, or submit to the army of good. As with a pharaoh, many will harden their hearts and die for their evil masters. The rest will conform to the strongest influence of good, as is their custom with their evil masters. Everyone has a choice of which road they will take.

Resentment Is the Linchpin

Resentment is most everyone’s Achilles heel. The aim of intimidators, from the one in your home to the top of the world stage, is to provoke hate. Without your angry response to planted cruelties, it is impossible for your enemies to advance any of their selfish causes. Remember the principle. Any person or nation with a high ethical tone is impossible to conquer. Traitors wearing American faces are the vanguard of an agenda intended to beat us into that victim mentality and that never-ending surrender for peace.

Resentment is a hypnotizing and enslaving emotion. It never will be yours or anyone’s strength. Resentment toward any form of intimidation poisons. It divides and conquers simply because the weak and characterless, half of any country, can always be counted on to trade principle for food, security and peace.

Resentment is the establishing, as well as the sustaining, emotion base for all programmed behaviors. Patient endurance is the immediate antidote. No need to look into the past for the cause of your continued suffering. What has taken root in you feeds on daily doses of frustration a.k.a. anger.

Beware of resentment toward any secret frustrations, symptoms or circumstances. Struggle is as useless as swimming in a swamp. Using upset to fight symptoms caused by upset is like throwing fat on a fire to put it out. Consciously observe every vestige of resentment out of your life, moment by moment, from now on. Symptoms will slowly but surely lose their life support. Hidden memories will surface and be dispelled. Implanted, aberrant behaviors, slavish loyalties and psychosomatic illnesses will vanish. Your soul’s link to hell will be broken. You will come to know Who it is that has been shadowing you all your life, waiting for your cry for Him to save you.

Intimidation is the name of the game. Your surrender is their aim. Resentment is the immutable evidence of a faith you lack. Resentment disconnects you from your Creator and emotionally binds you in fearful reverence to the creature. It is true that all who sin indeed are slaves.

Our war, then, is not so much with those we see. It is primarily with a mysterious and malevolent force acting through the unconscious of those who are asleep in anger’s denial. The spirit of this world needs you to hate captured fellow humans through which it operates. It knows that if it can make you hate the person that seems to be your tormentor, it can trap you into rejecting the Creator within, in whose image you and your tempter are made. For this very reason, if you forbear to resent your tormentors you will win your soul and perhaps that of your opposition. Resenting separates you from the good by which the evil in you and others can be overcome.

Even in America, the "worm that dies not" is alive and well. Generations have been contaminated and programmed to pass on to others what was done to them. Hardly ever do they see themselves as the problem. Instead they remain in denial, stubbornly defending their faults to your grave. Our adversaries know that once we have fallen to their temptation, we also fall into denial about our fall. Automatically we defend and project upon others what was done to us. It is much easier to put the masses to sleep then wake them up.

The Key

Injustice is powered by one single purpose. It lusts to get inside you. Your patience is equivalent to holding up a mirror to a vampire. The frustration of not getting to you will produce a shaming goodness. So, instead of their evil getting inside you, a light shines through you and enters the tormentor, causing first anger, then fear. In time it may awaken them to the reality of their own common sense.

Those who are hungry for power experience an exhilarating rush over the faithless. The faithful never feel the force that comes through them. Therefore, always patiently trust in what you know and see is right in your heart. You cannot know the effect you have, nor can you calculate the outcome. You will do well to remember that while some are diabolically wicked, most tormentors are victims themselves. If they are evil to the core, all the more reason to stay the course. Remain patient.

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