Latino Brother

An Open Letter To Our
Latino Brothers and Sisters

Roy Masters addresses the illegal alien issues

After we bombed the vicious enemies of America into the Stone Age in World War II, Japan and Germany became our friends.  We gave them back their country, freer and better than it was before, and consequently they have prospered.  Mexico on the other hand, our trading friend and partner, has not prospered.  On the contrary, they seem to be doing just the opposite, breeding and exporting their impoverished masses to the United States. 

This situation begs the question.  Why should our next-door neighbor, our friend and ally, not enjoy the same prosperity of our former enemies?  Perhaps it is part of a long-term Marxist strategy to overthrow us with an army of irresponsible poor.  It is sad to see hard-working decent human beings, down-bred by their government, used as cannon fodder for the future re-conquest of California, New Mexico and Arizona.  As the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing, the corrupt government of Mexico is no friend to America.  One need not be a rocket scientist to perceive that a swarm of illegal invaders will only serve to rule (albeit unconsciously), never realizing that they were programmed through the stresses of poverty to emerge as the tyrant, when no longer in fearful submission to authority.  Because there are no morals in politics, and only voting power is relevant, civil war is sure to be the inevitable consequence. Only the truth -- and nothing but the truth -- will set us all free from a potential Balkan-like massacre and keep people from taking sides and turning on one another in an unnecessary Mexican-American conflict.  Illegal aliens need to realize that they are destined to become the “new army” of Marxism and never true American citizens.

Poverty and discontent was the result of social engineering, to the end that the irresponsible and desperate poor shall out-populate, out-vote, and hence, overcome America.  President Bush must have the courage to tell illegal aliens the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Deep down, this is not something that the President doesn't already know.  It is not fitting for a man to love in the way of a woman.  Likewise, President Bush, as a man, cannot compete with a spoiling, womanly compassion for votes the way seductive Liberals do. Both parties are comprised of homegrown betrayers, each with their own selfish agendas, lying wolves in sheep's clothing, witting and unwitting allies of totalitarianism, just like your President Vicente Fox.

By totalitarianism, liberalism and communism, I mean the promotion of licentious freedoms, false liberties of thought, and the exercise of those thoughts upon matters that can never come to any successful conclusion, but only breeds chaos, through which they will rise to power -- Marxism. 

Philosopher Voltaire said that madness is to hold erroneous perceptions and argue perfectly from them.  Collectively, our erroneous perception is that President Fox is our friend.  Alas, in reality, he is a cunning Fox, planting Marxist-style revolutionary “sleepers” in America, such as “awakened” recently in Venezuela.  If you can see this, the plan will backfire and you will take back your country, to reap the harvest of prosperity you richly deserve.

Will you live and die in futility for your deceitful politicians?  If not, then my dear Latino brothers and sisters, cherish the model that is America; respect our laws, go home, and if you wish, come back the honorable way. Alternatively, while you are in your homeland, you might try to dethrone that despicable tyrant the way our Founding Fathers did for us.  Naturally, there will be little help from your friend, the United States of America. So, go home, no longer deceived -- take heart and take your stand there -- or forever lose it here.

-Roy Masters

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America Falling Apart!
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