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Watch the Imagination

by Roy Masters


Imagination can be dangerous even in its positive expression in various fields of creativity. Your imagination gives you an unholy glow, an unwholesome kind of life, and it attracts you to the wrong people who are supportive of that kind of dream world, that trip into fantasy, which does not seem like fantasy. It seems like reality. It's almost like you're projecting reality around you. It taints everything around you, so that it has a particular hue, but it is very dangerous. Many of you are in serious trouble because of this.

One can create through one's imagination, and safely, but it can also be dangerous. Let's assume that I am talking to you from a clear light, with no pride or imagination involved. As a matter of fact, the information I'm giving you is like brand new; hardly anyone has ever heard of it before. It's not something you learn from books. I've not found any of this sort of thing in books. I'm seeing this from a clear light of reality and I know it's true. However, you might react to it by falling at my feet and saying, "Mr. Masters, you're so wonderful! You've saved my life!"

Now, if I puff up with the feeling that the information I am giving you is my very own, emanating from my own ego, not from the light of God, suddenly I might find myself being whisked away by that very emotion, sucked into that daydream world, and I will have fallen into that sin of pride so deeply that I can't get out.

I cannot make the smallest mistake as my words dance on the razor's edge between the two worlds of imagination and reality lest I lose the knowledge that I have which is from within and above and is shaping my inner self in the likeness of Him, so that when I die I will have something beyond the mortal body. The smallest yielding to pride can plunge me into the world of imagination and cut me off from the source of light with only the memories of what I have said before to fondle as I become shallower and shallower, even to the point of bringing forth crazy stuff from the dark side of me, not even seeing that it is crazy.

Danger exists even for people like me. We don't start out in our imagination, but we must be constantly on guard against being sucked into it through pride. It is better to exist as a conduit through which invention comes.

The great people of the world did not create of themselves. When Einstein turned to mathematics, leaving behind the simplicity of his childlike realizations toward the end of his life he began to lose his greatness through becoming a mathematical genius. He didn't come to the formula that made him famous through mathematical theory. He knew it within himself intuitively. Then it took thirty years for the rest of the world to prove he was right.

In the beginning, his revelation was a gift. He just knew what he knew the same way I know things. It may come through the imagination and look as though you were doing the creating, but it is God who does the creating through you, and you must always be mindful of that.

Most artists are mad: people who paint and draw and think of themselves as creators, and come to be worshipped for their marvelous work. I do not appreciate works of art the way other people do. The same with music. As the musicians gather praise and worship, their music deteriorates. They become bizarre in their appearance along with the strangeness of their music. In other words, the process has come down to what you see and hear today.

You who think of yourselves as artists, no matter the medium in which you work, be ever mindful of the one true creator of all that is and seek only to be a clear channel for whatever He has graced you with the talent to impart to others. Be grateful for the talent you were blessed with and use it with humility. Let it flow from pure intuition.


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