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Hate Speech...
How to keep from being poisoned

by Roy Masters

In Shakespeare’s classic tale, Othello’s poisoned belief caused him to murder his beloved and innocent Desdemona. With the family turned against a blameless mother or father, the curtain falls on unnecessary tragedy in many a family scene.

If mother induces her children to hate their father, the chances are they will bond with her and in many ways make their own lives miserable. Mother’s favorite may later reproduce that same tyranny in their family.

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Wherever the ambition for power trumps the love for what is right, fathers get set up to be objects of contempt.

Conversely, fathers could do the same, by spoiling the children and usurping mother’s credibility.

Exactly the same thing happens politically when candidates poison the perception of one another. With both pointing their bony fingers of contention, as parents do, we all inherit the living nightmare of taking sides in a divided house.

In wartime, such partisan bickering only serves our enemies. If al Qaeda blows up a city and succeeds in terrifying many into blaming either candidate for being responsible, as sure as hell they can, all too many will bond with the terrorists to cause an American tragedy.

So, be wise, and let us reason together; drop all resentment towards dad, mom, brothers and sisters, and yes, both candidates. Then will the emotional mist lift from your eyes to see clearly who best will serve. If we all do that, the election will be clean and beyond dispute, uniting instead of dividing us.

In this fashion, the sickest family member and those political dissemblers will never be able to divide our families and conquer America from within.

Alexis de Tocqueville said that America is great because America is good. When she ceases to be good, she will cease to be great. Families in union, standing together as one free nation under God can once more begin the world all over again.

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