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Have you become what you hate?

by Roy Masters

Part 3

It doesn't make sense, but jury nullification provides an excellent example of how we become what we hate. Black people as a whole, not all, but as a whole, have become what they hate. I grant you that black people have been mistreated in the past, but Jewish people have also been mistreated and they never became what they hated. That explains their survival as a nation or a group of people. But now, right here in America, I see Jewish people becoming demoralized along with everyone else. They are all going down the drain together. However, Jews as a race of people survived by not returning evil for evil, and thus becoming what they hated.

When we embrace our corrupter we always believe his most outrageous lies. In the case of Hitler Germany, Jews had played no part in its downfall, just as today in America, white people are responsible for our social degradation only in the sense that they allowed it to happen, like a woman with a tyrannical husband. She tries to appease that husband, but instead of making him better, she helps him to become more of a tyrant. In a manner of speaking, America's guilt came from being too generous, not knowing enough about the nature of real love to maintain a proper balance during the social revolution of the 60s. In striving for a "great society," we did too much; we handed out too much welfare and made too many concessions to minorities. In doing so, we brought about a change of roles. Americans used to be consciously or unconsciously cruel--not everyone, of course, but enough of us to create the hardship and suffering of minorities that led to the injured outcry of the civil rights movement of the 60s and 70s.

The movement was successful to a degree, but it was not done with propriety. It was done with anger, and as the rest of America's population gave into that anger they created a tyrant. If you are violated by anyone, you may embrace your corrupter or you may even become a corrupter yourself, but if you start to weaken and give in to guilt feelings, you risk a complete role reversal. This often happens in the home: one person hurts another by being angry and violent, perhaps because the victim has known how to bring out the worst in that person, and he suddenly realizes the harm he has done and he tries to make up to his victim. As a result, the victim becomes a tyrant. That is exactly what has happened to America.

Now we have a Frankenstein's monster on our hands. We have given in, given in, given in, conceded, conceded, conceded, but we haven't loved one another in the proper way. All we've done is given in to the monster of our own creation. We've treated our children the same way. We take out our frustration on our children after a fight with a husband. As a result, some of those children will become passive, thus bringing out the tyrant in you the same way you brought the tyrant out in your husband, but one of the children may rebel and become such a tyrant himself that the more you try to struggle with him, the meaner he gets. So then you try loving him, and because you feel so guilty, you make this child a special target of your love. You see that you've failed to get this child's love and the more you try to get it, the more he hates you. The guilt drives you to do more for him than you should, and the child becomes a vicious criminal. You scratch your head and wonder why he ended up in jail. You tried loving him, but hate has already planted a seed in that person, so that no matter how much you love him he will only get worse, and if you try the other extreme of cruelty, he will be even more cruel to you. That is how war comes about. It's an evolution of cruelty.

Love can't stop it either. It only encourages the process. It feeds the contempt it feels for you with a rush of power. And America is feeding black contempt. We are now becoming the victims and we are giving power to this segment of the community. Along come these once-downtrodden leaders, and we cringe a bit because of our guilt over past injustices, but we have no way to satisfy these angry people. Angry people can never be satisfied. Even now that they are enjoying this position of dominance with all its advantages and special rights, they are not any better or happier. They are merely becoming what we, the hated ones, once were. Well, not all of us were unjust and unloving, but some of us were. They have taken on all the trappings and attributes of what they hated.

We have changed roles. Now we are the victims and we lack the strength to stand up. We don't know how to stand up without becoming violent. We are afraid of our own violence, because it was our collective cruelty that created this monster in the first place. We should not have had slavery, but there's no denying the fact that our forefathers engaged in it. It is part of our inheritance. Now we try to do the right thing, but we don't know what it is. Right eludes us because we don't know what real love is. We just try to make up for the wrong, and no matter how we go about it with reparations and paybacks, we only compound the mess. We can never make up for the past. Just look at your children. No matter how much you try to love them, you cannot make up for the past injustices. You can only make them worse. Your love may even make them violent. You spoil them rotten and they react with terrible contempt for that kind of love, that shameless, giving-to-get kind of love you dish out to appease them.

You have created your own "victimhood," and along comes this Islamic, or communist, dupe who insists that it's all right for black people to take and sell drugs because they have to make a living and it's only normal for them to do it. What an insanity! So when black people are tried by a black jury, they must be set free no matter what they might have done. Well, that's what white jurors used to do, didn't they? If you listen to that kind of argument and find any justice in it, it's only because you, too, have hate in your heart. You want to be justified and you need a leader, but that leader is using you as a battering ram.

Angry leaders can come up with outrageous lies about where to place the blame because you never blame yourself. Why not? Simply because you have embraced your corrupter and you feel justified in your anger and rage toward the innocent. That's the way it is with guilty people. They have no hope of getting better because they don't know what better is. All they know is degradation, the art of knocking others down in order to build themselves up. That's the only way for you animals on earth. On earth as it is in Hell.

Angry people are able to influence angry people and make you see things are not all right in this peculiar light--enemies look like friends, friends look like enemies. Everything is backwards when you are angry. Your anger needs a friend to comfort it, a lie to justify it. It doesn't matter whether it's on a political or a personal level. When you are angry with your husband, you go to the lady next door and she helps you to feel right about being angry. She offers no resolution. If you don't know how to overcome your rage, it will overcome you. You will become what you hate.

Destroyed people will always embrace their destroyer. Try to understand that. When a leader arises and justifies a failing that his or her type has created in you, you will embrace what he says as the voice of truth. You will blame the innocent. They will always suffer, witness the plight of all the little children in this country who have been abused and victimized. It's an epidemic: cruelty to children. I doubt that you can save children by means of the children's services we have in this country because they are just as cruel as the other abusers. These high-sounding agencies are manned primarily by parent haters who are not interested in the kids. They only want to take out their own frustrations on parents who don't go along with their liberal agenda, and the children they pretend to love only serve as their weapons in the battle against parents. They always see parents as guilty.

You need to understand that when you were violated as a child you were taken away from truth, and the lie entered through your emotional state to make excuses for the behavior it induced in you. When you are corrupted, violated, seduced, through someone's anger against you, you are robbed of your innocence. You cannot grow naturally because your God-given selfhood has been cut at the root. A new rapport is established between you and your corrupter, whoever it happens to be: your parent, your school, your friends--I don't care who it is--your government, anything that can gain access to you and make you doubt yourself. Suddenly the lie is the truth, and you doubt. You lose faith. The root to your true self has been cut and a new connection is established between you and the liar if you believe him. The liar might say that he, or she, saw your wife or your husband in the bar, and it could be a woman who wants your husband, so she picks up the phone and puts a doubt in your mind. She says that your husband is not faithful to you, and you believe it. A beautiful relationship falls apart. You start to be suspicious and angry and before you know it you drive him into the arms of the woman who made the phone call.

Whenever someone causes you to doubt what is good and right within yourself he engages you in a war between good and evil. You become angry and upset, and you think your wrong emotions are justified by the injustice that you have suffered, but the only injustice was that of the liar. The whole purpose of injustice is to destroy the relationship between you and your Creator. The doubt, the emotional response to the outside intruder, disconnects you from your inner mooring, and in rushes a false nature to take over your development. That is why you embrace your corrupter. You embrace the cause of your defection, and you leave your mother and father, and you marry a mother or a father exactly like the one you left.

They continue the legacy, and you live under tyranny the rest of your life. When it comes to politics, it's exactly the same thing. You embrace your liar. Your whole life is a failure and guess what? Will you believe it's partly your own fault? You allowed yourself to doubt. Maybe it was in a time before consciousness, so it may be forgivable, but only if you will admit it. If you won't, then you will continue to need the liar to justify the miserable mess you find yourself in. And guess who the enemy is going to be? The innocent. They make you conscious. They are successful, they are doing well, they are reasonably whole or moving toward wholeness, and you are about to self-destruct. You're jealous, you're hateful. All you can do is sell drugs for a living, or degrade one another, your own kind. Your household is in a mess, and conflict drives you to drink and drugs.

Now the government comes along and says, "there, there, we love you as you are," and you don't get any better. The encouragement serves only to make you more contemptuous of the rest of us, and things get so bad--there are so many of you--along comes this slimy piece of garbage saying "it's okay to take drugs. It's the way black people have to make a living." That's the liar; that's the plant that is going to create such anger in the black people of this country toward the white people that it will erupt in civil war. When that happens, the outside enemies of America will see our weakness and they will attack.

We will find ourselves fighting a war on two fronts. Meanwhile, your president, who is one of them at heart, has weakened our armed forces and sold or given the wealth of our land to the slime bags everywhere else who don't appreciate us for all we have done to make them worse and help them to multiply. So now we have more of them than ever. As for our own country, we have enough food left to supply our needs for perhaps another thirty days or so. You are being set up to be destroyed.

You Americans--white, black, green, or pink--will all fall on one another because it is part of the plan. Do you understand that? I'm warning you. You had better wake up before blood runs in the streets. I don't want the slime bags to have their way. I don't want to see this happening to you. I love you. I care for you. I've seen it coming for a long time, but now I see more exactly how it is going to happen. We may even fight to avert this, but it won't succeed. No matter how we try to put it off, it is going to happen anyway--unless, by some miracle, you all open your eyes and your ears to truth and forgive one another.

If you want to turn on someone, turn on your leaders. Turn on the kind of people who are trying to turn you against one another. Drop the false identity they have implanted in you. Regain the connection to your Creator that will enable you to see and to follow the right course of action, the way to salvation.


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