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Have you become what you hate?

by Roy Masters

Part 2

Every home contains a tyrant, and a weak man will always find a tyrant mother to marry because he had a tyrant mother and a weak father. So they match. We are always gravitating toward one or the other because we become what we hate. Either that, or we become a permanent victim of the one we hate by embracing the hate object and giving it power. I hope you understand this principle because it is the basic rule of thumb behind all human demoralization. You are demoralized by your parents, by liberals, by the media--the vicious, disgusting media we have. They seem to be engaged in a deliberate attempt to demoralize America.

Intellectuals are not America-friendly. There is something about a full-blown intellectual that is dangerous. Paul Johnson has written a book about intellectuals that is worth reading. He warns us to keep away from them as they are easily corrupted and they will sacrifice human lives to their cockamamie ideas of the way things ought to be. While pretending to goodness, they are haters of all that is really good, handmaidens of the devil.

I didn't say you should not be intelligent. I am intelligent, but my intellect is not sovereign. The intellectual allows his mind to lead him so far off the untrodden path that he leaves his common sense far behind. By going the way of the intellectual you can lose your goodness and wholesomeness. When a person is corrupted, he loses sight of common sense and he becomes an enemy of common sense. He sucks up knowledge to compensate for the enormous guilt and inferiority that he intuitively feels as the result of his putting his mind ahead of God, and his ego is constantly engaged in a search for justification. Intellectuals become very prideful, and the more prideful they become, the guiltier they become, and the more they suck up knowledge to feed their conceit. They may pretend to have your best interest at heart, but they never do. They are smart enough to get their degrees, but they are very dangerous, and most of them are liberals or fascists. Hitler was a fascist intellectual, but we don't have to concern ourselves with fascists now, because the danger in this country is coming, not from the Right, but from the Left, the intellectual Left.

Anything left or right of center is dangerous. America used to be a centrist country; people had common sense. When people are seduced from their common sense they are corrupted. They become a Left or a Right. First of all the Left because of its seductive essence, its ability to make people doubt themselves in the manner of the serpent in the garden. And if there is to be a rebellion against that which is about to take us over, it would come from the Right.

What do you think happened in Germany? The communist-inspired schemes to save the economy inspired the slide to the Left, but they failed miserably. Then the fascists took over under Hitler, as a right-wing backlash, and destroyed the country in a kind of masculine vs. feminine confrontation. The left wing is subtle and seductive and feminine, ego-stroking, sensuous. It pulls us out of our tree and creates chaos. It is followed by a resurgence of morality from right-wing extremists: fascists, an ayatollah, even a fundamentalist Jew or a fundamentalist Christian because there's not a hair's-breadth difference between them. They are all off their rocker, the overly religious and the non-religious. I don't really know which is worse.

Now, to return to this disgusting human being who is positioned very well to lead us to doomsday because we no longer walk softly while carrying a big stick. We have lost our resolve because we now want to please everyone and be a friend to the whole world. We have lost our character. So the enemies of our country, especially Islamic fundamentalists, are licking their lips in anticipation of our collapse. They are popping up everywhere in the world and they are dangerous. We have a pod of them here in the United States, headed by Louis Farrakhan. They are haters of America, of Jews, of Christians--even of God Himself. They are like the fundamentalists who say they love God, but they certainly fail to represent Him. Many people have rebelled against such hypocrisy, saying "If that represents God, I want nothing to do with Him," so they become Leftists, saying "at least, I'll be an honest thief or drug addict and I'll have fun my own way."

That's how the pendulum swings from left to right, passing center once in a while, never finding God's grace to stay the course.

So I'll try again to get back to the liberal university professor who is so adept at playing the race card, angrily and viciously. He has been well programmed to cooperate with the subversive forces that are getting ready to destroy America, from the inside as well as the outside. After all, present-day war has to be mounted with great stealth. A country like America can not be brought down easily. It has to be carefully set up to fail, and this professor uses the race card. He says, "You should be able to understand the black people in the inner city" (those who have been programmed to act as a battering ram to destroy America with their crime, alcoholism, chaos, and children out of wedlock) "because they are unable to make a living, they have no opportunity, and they're frustrated."

I say that they have plenty of opportunity; they just don't know how to avail themselves of it. They have been programmed to fail and to blame the rest of us.

To digress a minute--when you get married, without knowing you're doing it, you embrace your corrupter. You marry a man just like your father, and if you're unlucky, not strong enough, you will have created another circumstance like the one in the home you left: you're the mother, he's the dad for the next generation of poor little kids. Or you marry a weak man, and you become the dictator. But the point is that you always embrace your corrupter if you're not to become his victim, but you will always become his victim unless you become his victimizer. You may not know how to become the victimizer because you only know how to be a victim; in fact, you may hate the role of victimizer so much that your only choice is to be a victim, which is true of most people because they are not ruthless enough to take on that power.

The trouble is that when you are a victim, your children will become victims and you will become the victimizer, simply because people are always weak before the strong and strong before the weak. You elected your corrupter; you embraced it, and it reinforces itself in you, so you are always weak before the strong and strong before the weak. We wind up in a military chain of command. Now we have this person telling us that white folks bear the entire burden of guilt for what has happened to the inner-city blacks who deal in drugs because it has become their way of life, the only way open to them, thanks to white oppression.

This man has been sending letters to black people, saying that because they have been badly treated and still have to make a living somehow, "selling drugs is perfectly normal: how else can you make a living?"

Now, that is utterly insane. And he goes on to justify jury nullification simply because a disproportionate number of blacks are incarcerated. In other words, black people can commit no crime. Do you see this as the formula for disaster it is? It means they are free to run amok, and they are already doing just that in the inner cities. They have been licensed by our left-wing intellectuals and do-gooders to come out of the inner cities pillaging and killing. That is the kind of strife that is about to take America by storm: Civil War or insurrection, whatever you choose to call it. When the fundamentalists beyond our borders see our confusion and disarray, they will join the fray. And we won't be ready for them.

Of course, I am begging the people in reach of my words, black, white, green, or pink, not to listen to this kind of insanity. If you do, you will become part of the insanity that is splitting America apart. You will be part of the reason our country will be awash in blood. The man who is using the race card to whip us into a froth of violence is totally mad, totally insane, coming out of hatred. The trouble is that angry persons are believable. Their anger has a way of matching your own anger, your own need to blame. If you don't know how to overcome your feelings and see how your anger is being kindled toward all the wrong people, you need to get my cassette. It will teach you how to overcome rage so that it can no longer inspire or control your actions.

The only way you can shake off your identification with, or victimization by, the force of hatred is to find your center, your true identification with your Creator, and maintain it against all the forces of evil.

What I am trying to do is to avoid another civil war in America. No one is talking about it, at least not on the air or in the news. No discussion is going on publicly because the lid is on it. The media are doing what the media always do. They allow all who cherish anti-American sentiments to have their say, and only sparingly and begrudgingly do they give others some grossly unequal time to retaliate. So the advantage always goes to the bad guys who want to destroy and demoralize us. They think they are getting their day in the sun.

People are coming up with outrageous lies, like Hitler's. He blamed the Jews for everything. First, he ousted the communists, but that didn't satisfy his hate and need for revenge, the need to find justification and elevation through degrading others, so then he started on the Jews who were helpless. Of course, American white people are not that helpless, but they have been guilty of sitting on their thumbs while unconscionable things were happening, such as jury nullification as it was used on behalf of O. J. Simpson and the criminal King and against the interests of Reginald Denny, who had been beaten by blacks. As long as we allow jury nullification, who can build a case for truth?

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