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Have you become what you hate?

by Roy Masters

Part 1

Either you become what you hate, or you fall victim to what you hate. There is no other choice for a hater. If you fall victim to what you hate, you actually embrace the hated person in a kind of love/hate relationship that has nothing to do with love at all. Love is an entirely different concept about which the average person knows nothing--especially the Hollywood "romantics," and liberal slime of all kinds. As I have often commented on the radio and in print, all liberals are slime bags of the lowest order, albeit a sophisticated lower order, the most sophisticated of the lower "slobodians," and they are the most responsible for the horror that is America today: the crime in the streets, the drugs, the children born out of wedlock to a future of hopelessness, prisons filling up with so many people that they are running out of room for them, the murder, the mayhem, the alcoholism, the weakening and demoralization of America. They all fit the political label of "liberal." And they are all mentally sick people with a compulsion to destroy everything that is good and decent, without putting anything of value in its place, and their so-called solutions are disastrous.

What's more, most of you are sitting in the audience, sucking your thumb and eating popcorn while watching the brainwashing tripe that is being presented to you in the form of sitcoms, movies, whatever--the very trash that has demoralized your family. On top of that, you have allowed the taxes to escalate to the point that both you and your wife have to work in order to pay them, oblivious to the growing underclass that doesn't have to work at all, thanks to your unconscious and unintentional generosity. If one of you were to give up the outside job, perhaps someone in the underclass could work, but none of them are able to work because they have all been spoiled rotten. They have been programmed not to work and probably could no longer work even if they tried. That's how demoralized the recipients of your largesse have become.

How did they get that way? Well, they have had too much "love" from the slime-bag liberals. They are sick, sick people, and I want you who listen to me and read my books to know that your great religion, the Judeo-Christian ethic, has not withstood the onslaught of these lawless slobodians who have practically destroyed your country and now stand unholy in high places.

I have a lot to say to my cowardly fellow-Americans. This country will not go out with a bang, but with a whimper. If you look at the history of America, the recent history, the last thirty years, you will see that the attempt to demoralize America has been purposefully and carefully planned. And it has succeeded. We should hang our heads in shame because we should know that it is impossible to conquer a noble people. It just can't be done. It is absolutely impossible. And the target of the one-worlders was this magnificent country that was once known as the United States. Well, it's still known as the United States, but if the people around the world knew what is going on in this country right now, they would think twice about coming over here. We are almost totally demoralized--at least enough so to manifest our weakness before our enemies. How did it happen?

Perhaps it is time to reexamine our propensity to become what we hate. We have listened too long to the America-hating intellectuals who have known how to capitalize on our tendency to respect--even to venerate--the holders of degrees, and we have been too quick to accept their pronouncements, no matter how silly and seditious, as the voice of authority. Now, let me remind you, my fellow Americans, that we are not supposed to be subject to authority. We the people are sovereign citizens. Our government and our intellectuals, whoever they are, work for us.

Most of us are too suggestible. Most of us have been demoralized. I, on the other hand, am not demoralized--no one can play that game with my brain. I see clearly what is going on and that is why I persist in trying to wake you up. If enough of us wake up and take a stand on principle, we might save America. Unfortunately, most of you have been demoralized. What do I mean by that? Well, if you have sex before marriage, you have been demoralized. You have been stupid enough to fall for the stupid notion that throwing off the shackles of morality has liberated you to be yourself. So then you have babies out of wedlock, just as you have been programmed to do. And then society says, "Oh, these poor children don't have much of a chance for a future, so let's give these unwed mothers a nice house and an income." So naturally we have more and more unwed mothers and more and more babies, more and more irresponsibility, more and more demoralization, more and more perversity, more disease, more Aids, and where will it end? The fathers have been kicked out of the home by the welfare workers, and we have become a nation of degenerates.

Of course there was a method in the madness that has created this vast underclass of degenerates. You, even you, may be one of those underclass people, and you may be cursing me for my persistence in sounding the alarm. On the other hand, you may be one of those I can help because my words have hit home with you. You may see how you have been targeted, cultivated, and seduced into becoming the cannon fodder for the next conflagration, the revolution that is breathing down our necks. You are being primed to take your place in an army, an anti-American, anti-white race, anti-God army and you are going to blame everybody except the people who have screwed you.

Where are the innocents? When you become angry as you look back on your life and you see what an abysmal failure it is, your ego recoils--no ego wants to admit its failure. What's more, you don't even know how you became a failure. You were born into it. You were born into an anti-God, anti-common sense, anti-all-that-is-decent environment, and it has corrupted you. If you are lucky enough to have escaped the inner-city scene, stay away from it; don't go down there--they'll kill you. But you see what it's like through movies and the media--the horror that engulfs millions of people--and they vote. That's how we got Clinton and his gang.

I don't want to concentrate on the purely political aspects of our degradation, but they play a part in the grand scheme that we cannot afford to overlook. You are in danger from all sides. The fact that you have been born into poverty and degeneration and immorality and perversity has caused you to see these things as normal, and some lawyer who teaches in the university says, "You don't understand black people." But not all black people are as he chooses to see them. Those who are sensible and those who have adopted the Judeo-Christian ethic and have become good Americans are real people and he doesn't count them. Unfortunately, black people are targeted as the innocent victims of hate-filled white people by the communist change agents among us in order to create and sustain a race issue.

Surely you have noticed how the race card is constantly being played and the old injustices of slavery are being treated as current events, in spite of the fact that black people of today have more opportunity in this country than they ever had anywhere else. And that goes for all the other minorities in our midst: Jewish people, Chinese people, Russians. No other country in the world offers so much to so many, whether they came here in chains or of their own free will. We have equal rights here, and those who cannot obtain those rights have only themselves to blame because they are not right. You cannot give rights to right people. The mere idea of having to be given a quality that they already possess in abundance and consider to be their birthright is an anathema to them, a stench to their nostrils. Their right grows from their love and respect for God's laws, and it is frightening to those others because it requires them to look at their wrong. They are afraid of freedom, afraid of goodness, afraid of truth, afraid of anything that makes them look at themselves and see how abysmally they have failed. They are haters of those who are good. Once you have a whole nation within a nation of failures who don't even know how they ever got to be failures by being born into corruption, a strange phenomenon occurs. Do you remember my teaching about our tendency to embrace our corrupter? Women who have been hurt by their father are attracted to men like their father; they actually bring out the qualities of their father in their husbands without knowing they are doing it. They remain totally unconscious of the fact that they are bringing out the worst in their men. Or they will choose a man who is weak like their father. When they do, they themselves become facsimiles of their tyrannical mother.



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