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God Made Simple
Christianity in 150 words or less

by Roy Masters

Salvation often feels like a dying experience.  If you will deeply understand what it means to deal perfectly with imperfect people, you will become calmly objective to petty little cruelties, no matter what form they take.

In this manner, prevention, that is to say, not being resentful towards anyone or anything, no matter what it might be -- actually becomes the cure.  In religious parlance, it is known as forgiveness. “Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” 

Love goes out in front of you and acts as a protective shield, keeping anger and meanness out, and thus preventing the growth of every emotionally-based disease: mental, emotional and pathological.

As it is written, “Through patience, possess ye your souls." Avoid resentment and you will live forever unto God.

If you have really been saved and born again, then there is no problem that cannot be solved. And that is what faith and hope is all about.

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