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Evilution vs. Evolution

by Roy Masters

Where we came from has everything to do with where we are going, no matter our rageful evilution.

The human race could have come into existence in only one of two possible ways. We either evolved from an animal pair, or devolved from a higher order of beings. Either we are on the way up or we are on the way down. No species comes into existence spontaneously in different parts of the earth. We all inherited our place in the "evolutionary" plan from an original parent.

As long as the two possibilities exist, an objective look at the range of human feelings and failings should provide us with some clue as to which theory is more tenable. As your human side begins to develop and question, you learn to discern what is authentically natural and what is demoralizing, temporal, transitory, and which masquerades as our original nature. You also see those forces that promote deviancy as "naturalness" and why.

If we accept the idea of human evolution we must also accept the naturalness of every impulse that arises in us. But look at what happens when we do! Shaped by our emotions our tendency is to do exactly as we please, forming the root of all our troubles. One could argue that if we evolved as Darwin suggested, none of our impulses could ever cause us conflict.

The world, of course, opts for the path of evolution, encouraging us to give way to our feelings. "Live it up!" our culture urges. "Express yourself and be free!" But when you follow those urgings, it is not freedom that you find. It is an evolution of needless conflict and suffering, passed from one generation to the next posing as "only natural."

If we were creatures of evolution, subject to our environment, we would have no free will. This means we would take shape in the same way as all other animals. We have bought such dogma from misguided scientists and educators. Might not this mysteriously planted inclination of the heart be the root of all our conflicts? In order to get on with the truth of what really happened, let’s take a commonsense look at the ape theory.

The theory suggests that we are risen from ape-like progenitors. But if that were true, then nothing that man is naturally prompted to do can ever be wrong. That being so, why are there laws and jails to enforce them? Are we not, as a nation, searching the globe for justice to rectify a crime recently done to us? We search as if we know a justice animals know nothing about. How can there be such a thing as crime? Evolution could never produce any conflict or fault, only the survival of the fittest beast.

If you accept the natural-descent concept, you ought not to be discontent with injustice or judge your own natural behavior, or that of others, so harshly. To which part of the dog-eat-dog food chain would you prefer to belong, the eater or the eaten? Perhaps you prefer the security of belonging to the strongest, most cunning human beasts, the likes of the fascists, communists, imperialists or Taliban killers.

Terrorism rudely awakened us and the entire world from a politically correct sleep to the grim reality that treacherous subhumans do exist, but only to be conquered. The reality of evildoers also validates that neither people nor cultures are created equal. Why, then, have we as a Western society evolved so differently from a common ancestral root?

Don’t think that, just because you are born in America, all the sub-humans live in the Middle East or a Third World country. To the contrary, many of the soulless are born right here in America. Fortunately, through the course of history, it seems as though the world tilted to allow a preponderance of decent men and women to end up in America. Here we have the laws of the heart carved on stone to protect the good from the evil.

The point has been made that a majority of the human race, having fallen and branched off, are unfolding from an evil origin of choice, threatening cataclysmic proportions of evil on the rest of us.

Humans actually have two origins: the order from which we fell and what may appear to be the natural order, from which we are now born. Our first parents’ fall transferred his loyalty, which gave him a new master, more accurately a mistress. This reversed the divine order from which the stubborn deny they still descend. That is why men who think they are in love fall further from what love is really all about. while their unloved, sexually abused women remain spiritually frustrated and unfulfilled.

Understand now the scriptural meaning of "Son of God and son of man." Man born of woman is son of man; reborn in spirit, he becomes Son of God. Man, having become reconciled to the original source, comes full circle to our first parents’ God. He is transformed from within. Sons born of the descending order continue toward their wicked end. To truly love anyone, a man needs to become the extension of the completed love he has found within his heart. Failing that, he lacks the moral high ground to draw his wife and family away from the unregenerate spirit of this world.

As the crown of authority and power is passed down from dying monarchs to their heirs, so passes a mischievous and subtle mantle of power from mother to daughter. Power passed down in this fashion, whether it is political or religious, inherently usurps subjects of the system. The inherent "right" of rule is always demoralizing, enslaving and despotic. For better or worse, this is the miserable lot of every man born of woman, for a season.

An ancient power mysteriously transfers from mother into every female child, silently. This is not so with boys. To the contrary, it is unnatural for any male to be subject to that "privileged" order of women. The very fact of being born so emotionally bonded to mother transfers to boys an unrecognized enslaving debilitation. Without the modifying, overriding presence of a noble father, every boy is set on the path to violently rebel against, or conform to, the feminizing influence of all unloved and unfulfilled mothers.

If it were true that man has fallen from a higher, spiritual order to a lower, earthly one, then that order has been reversed. A change of allegiance has occurred, from the God of men to whatever it was that moved through the first women at that traumatic moment of crisis called original sin.

Every seducer worth his or her salt knows how to approach people through their latent dissatisfactions and self-serving dreams of love and glory. To our first parents, the forbidden fruit symbolized the (false) promise of attaining to an exalted state such as a god might have. This ego status caused their deaths and ours. They fell to the serpentine rhetoric of "how can a god die?

Likewise, how many times in your own life have you doubted or set aside what you knew was right in order to fulfill a selfish dream? Your choosing is not exactly the original one; we have all inherited a conditioning servitude, a lineage of deception. And for a season, it subtly urges us to do wrong, thinking it to be right.

Mercifully, God sent his son to awaken and save us from that slavish practice of playing the god game. Playing god requires a helpmate to become a playmate. And that is why the girl of every man’s dreams becomes a nightmare of schemes. It is why the tale soon wags the dog. Men and women inherit no original choice, other than to play out their inherent roles of adding to the slavish destiny of our first parents. Salvation has to do with being saved from making those decisions that bring us ill.

What woman does not understand how to get her man, and the frustration she experiences after getting him? She kills the goose that lays the golden egg, even the noble ones. Part of her wants a man who will be weak for her, to fall into sensual worship of her. That side of her is inherently jealous of the anointing of her man, the role he was originally created to play over her. But the good side of her wishes it otherwise.

Nevertheless, she is compelled to press her advantage, rewarding the cry of every dog with that mothering love. And so, this is how all men born of woman become failing husbands and fathers, separated from the moral high ground needed to correct their wives and children from the world

The vicious cycle of original sin continues to project, exponentially duplicating obedient copies. Men are doomed to play their role, like actors on the stage of life, reciting the same old lines, re-enacting all the same tragedies, dying without knowing the reason for which they were born. Every unloved woman waits in vain for her Prince Charming to save her. But he cannot come, because her vanity is compelled to attract and mother the wrong kind of man, setting the decent ones up to fail.

Only failing men can satisfy her insatiable and devilish hunger. Rarely is this the woman’s fault. Like a moth drawn to a flame, it is every crippled man calling up in her the enabling spirit of Paradise lost. Through one man came the fall to the spirit of woman, and through the generations of unloved and uncorrected women came all mothers giving birth and nurturing those crippled souls of men destined to become failing fathers and husbands. Little wonder why women become bitter man-haters.



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