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Can Terrorists Compel Voters?
It is possible to swerve loyalties

by Roy Masters

Michael Moore created a movie “Fahrenheit 9/11” to sway the election by using propaganda techniques the Nazis, the Chinese and the Soviets used upon their own people.

In 1962, Frank Sinatra did just the opposite; he made a film called "The Manchurian Candidate". It showed Americans how through brainwashing, it is possible to subvert the electoral process. It was John F. Kennedy's favorite film. A remake of this magnificent film is in the works.
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The train bombing in Madrid is a dramatic example of mass-mind manipulation through psycho-political subversion. Capitalizing on a climate of anxiety and shock, the Socialist opposition party literally hypnotized the Spanish people to turn against their government.

Exploiting the heightened anxiety of the masses, the political opposition seized the moment to blame the government. Terrified into a state of high suggestibility, the traumatized Spanish people bought the lie and elected a “Manchurian Candidate.” They may never know what hit them.

Since the Socialists and the terrorists shared a common goal, one wanted to be in power, the other wanted them to be in power, (to destroy the West) there may well have been collusion.

You must not underestimate the conversion shock value of another 9/11 multiplied by 100 that could stress Americans into sympathy with the terrorist cause. Domestic enemies so aligned, wait for that moment to likewise point the finger of blame. The maxim of Karl Marx “Accuse others of what you do,” really does work.

Under duress, we all grow more suggestible. Understand the principles of this game and we will survive. Stand firm, patiently endure, do not be intimidated into being resentful and then, come what may, your Judeo-Christian values will preserve your freedom.

Well known to all con men and psycho-politicians is the fact that any severe emotional trauma tends to open the mind to suggestions from the shock source, no matter how absurd they may be. Hatred towards a cruel and violent person will often create a bond of morbid sympathy with them, especially when their madness represents itself as salvation and sanity.

America fought World War II on two fronts against demoralized multitudes. Through group excitement and hateful propaganda, evil men appeared in glorious light. Likewise, traumas in your own childhood may have affected you more than you care to realize.

Throughout your life, programmed loyalties tend to pass on. As if looking for approval and love in all the wrong places, you are drawn into insipid compliance, “re-electing” familiar manipulator relationships.

For similar reasons, Iraqis may yet reelect another “Saddam Hussein.” The terrorists seek to exploit this conditioning, in the same way the stage hypnotist does it through intimidation, imitating the presence of an intimidating and violating bully.

What we call mental illness is the result of one or more of those emotional traumas phasing into a condition similar to that of a small animal fascinated by the look of the serpent.

Your conversion could make you loyal, loving and perhaps just the opposite, even as mean as those you once hated… a terrorist, unconsciously justified in doing to your own kind what your parents did to you. Domestic cruelty, the cause behind most mental illness, when refined and used as a science by political agents… is mass brainwashing.

Over a century ago, psychologist J. F. C. Hecker discovered an instinct inherent in all extremist movements. Through the steady application of pressure, the religious or political will transfers as the victim's own glorious will and purpose.

When these stresses are of a religious or political nature, eventually they establish themselves as an unshakable regimented loyalty, passing into a disease of the mind. As you may know from personal experience, habits, behaviors of the typical "battered women" variety, appear so much like love that they are almost impossible to break.

This is no ordinary war; it is the end game, the last battle between good and evil.

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