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Give Us Barabbas
A Divided Country, The Cause and Cure

by Roy Masters

“Shock the victim, then accuse him of the crime you committed,” is a Soviet psycho-political warfare technique now used by Islamic terrorists upon the very country of its origin -- Russia. Typically, victims take on the identity of the terrorist or hostage-taker and, out of sympathy, turn on their friends, just as Patty Hearst once did. The Stockholm Syndrome---where hostages end up sympathizing with their terrorist abductors---works on entire nations, not just on individuals.

The Russian population might well have its loyalties converted in favor of the terrorists that recently slaughtered so many innocent children. Indeed, President Putin is already getting the blame. America is now primed for a final transforming shock.

Because a nation with values is almost impossible to conquer, Communist and atheist strategists began their systematic attack upon the American family early in the 20 th century. They infiltrated our once-noble institutions of education, media, and government, so that the powerful few would dominate the docile many. The Soviet Union collapsed, but the seed, once planted here, took root. The result is two Americas in conflict, with the perpetrators of the quiet coup accusing the innocent.

They began by infiltrating our educational system and through that they made the government finance America’s own downfall. They dumbed down our children in government schools and enabled them to grow up from irresponsible teenagers into spoiled-rotten and immoral parents.

Then they praised and excused their victims’ wildness and let them believe they were acting from their own volition. They glorified that license as freedom; nurtured failings until it became hateful envy, and held up filth as art to arouse passions to the level of addiction.

To confound us more, they promoted a debilitating dependency on “experts”; designed government “mental health” programs to make perversion, as well as mental and emotional illness, seem normal; threw money at social problems to produce wrong solutions; drove women out of their homes to work, leaving their children vulnerable; awakened unmanageable desires with obscene images; stimulated the young with pornography; glorified lowlife musicians and actors in order to sustain anti-social behaviors; made American family life cruel, base, and meaningless; doped up students to “learn”---and then blamed the whole mess on fathers and capitalism.

All this, to weaken our national resolve and render us suggestible to the demands of terrorists in every form.

Then, when the programmers deem it time, they accuse the honorably elected of being tyrants and liars, just like their own rotten dads were. They use the “hate-your-father-love-your-mother” media to render those perceived deadbeat dads powerless and the nation leaderless.

One day, they intend to awaken millions of angry sleepers, reared by a matriarchal shadow underworld government, to run wild in the streets bringing their beloved despots to power.

It gets much worse. Let irrational debate grow to the point of paralyzing gridlock, to create an appearance of weakness that emboldens terrorists to blow up an entire city. Then point the finger of blame at the innocent---a father figure---for being responsible.

University-programmed journalists---elitist intellectuals and rebels against traditional fatherly discipline---with all their enabling feminine sensitivities, will then hail terrorists as heroes fighting for their rights against bullies.

Because propaganda alters our perception of reality, good becomes evil and evil becomes good, as in Nazi Germany. The biblical “Give us Barabbas” mentality is here again. It happened to Spain, and now witness the horror in Russia. Much worse is in store for America.

Knowing that the corrupted are their slaves, the programmers have created two cultures in conflict, one of them opposed to the Founding Fathers’ intent. If they cannot get their way “democratically,” they will incite a civil war. Now do you see why the God-centered family is the target for destruction?

This toxic culture is no accident: it is the result of a sophisticated psycho-political battle for our minds and hearts. Awaken now---turn from your manipulators’ cunning and forgive them. Throw away your drugs and booze; come home to family through the truth that makes and keeps us free.

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