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Articles by Roy Masters

Religion & Spirituality

bulletGetting Down to Basics

bulletStillness for All Seasons

bulletThe Moment of Truth

bulletDoubt: Faith's Dark Side

bulletPlagued By Doubt and Despair? The Surprising Cure

bulletFinding Forgiveness

bulletYour Secret Judgments

bulletGiving Up Excuses

bulletFinding Conscience

bulletA Force Called "Love"

bulletHypnotic Christianity?

bulletThe Blood of the Lamb Mystery

bulletGod Made Simple

bulletThe Passion

bulletTime: Where Our Past Meets the Ever-presence

bulletToward Discovery: Swirling Out of Nothingness

bulletReligion and Spirituality

bulletMining the Message Behind the Word

bulletThoughts on Christmas Giving

bulletRising Above Evil

Self Help

bulletWhy Words Affect You So Deeply

bulletResolving Anger, Pain, Fear and Stress

bulletStress and Burnout - Turning it all around

bulletLetting Go Of Stress - by Dr. George M. Hayter

bulletA Simple Observation Exercise to Increase Tolerance to Stress

bulletWhat You Should Know About Being Upset

bulletPost-Traumatic Stress Syndrome - Everyone Has It

bulletHow to be at Peace with Your Problems - pdf

bulletWhat's Wrong With You?

bulletCan't Say No? - You Can Do It, Here's How

bulletWho Are You? Are Thoughts Speaking to You?

bulletA Voice In Your Head

bulletPsychology of Projection

bulletWatch the Imagination

bulletPlagued by Doubt and Despair?

bulletSurviving God? - How to Overcome Depression and Despair

bulletStress: Deep in the Heart of You

bulletSelf Destruction - Unlocking the Secret Code

bulletEvil Sucks Life Force

bulletRestoring the Soul

bulletTerrorist Mind Games

bulletEscaping the Mental Matrix

bulletThe Power of Liars ... Winning Through Intimidation

bulletPeople Eaters - Corrupters of America's Youth

bulletLife-Draining People

bulletThe Unrelenting Bully

bulletAddicted to Abuse

bulletConflict and Suffering

bulletThe Price of Overreacting

bulletOut-of-Control People Use Anger to Get Back Control

bulletHave You Become What You Hate?

bulletThe Key to a Bright Future


bulletGlorifying the Sensual Being

bulletAroused by Fire... Please Tell Me Why


bulletWhen A Bride's Love Turns Cold

bulletThe Marriage Gamble

bulletPhony Love is Big Business

bulletMen: Always in the Dog House?


bulletMommy Good; Daddy Bad?

bulletWhy Corrupt Innocent Children?

bulletA Nation in Crisis for the Good Father

bulletParental Injustice: The Cause of Violence

bulletProper Discipline

bulletFinding Grace

Roy Masters

Roy Masters is more than a talk show host, he is also listen host.  He has counseled radio callers since Dr. Laura was in knickers, with a unique ability to hear inner problems, heal fears, and sexual stresses, and help people to take charge of their own lives.  From Miami to Los Angeles, his Advice Line radio program has touched and brought life-changing courage to millions. Read his articles here to help you further in your quest for enlightenment.

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