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The Altered Mind
Sympathy for the Devil

by Roy Masters

Whoever intimidates and draws the first blood of resentment is in control of all your emotions and your life. Abusers of the same stripe live through you without you ever knowing it.The sin of resentment hypnotically opens the door to the unconscious, compelling life “choices” that serves the manipulator.

Once “infected” with resentment, the cure doesn’t come easily. Unlike the flying monkey army of Oz, the death of your personal wicked witch of the East, will not release you from bondage. The imposed hypnotic rapport, known as post-traumatic stress disorder, connects you to an unbreakable chain of exploiters: society’s sickest members.

Political operatives seeking the downfall of this country always exploit the anger and frustration generated by the very stresses they create. They also exploit the emotional tensions aroused by disasters such as the 9/11 attack, the Iraq war, and Katrina. At the same moment, they angrily point fingers of blame toward the innocent and then subtlety insert their anti-freedom agenda into the violated mentality of the mob.

For this reason, the mounting stresses upon Christianity and American family values are not surprising.

When President George W. Bush was asked why he thought our country was divided, he said he did not know; even if he did, it would have been far too dangerous for him to admit.

If the American-born haters of good succeed in corrupting our youth, our children will become the monkey army of the left. Not fully grasping these subtle mind games, Christians—whose country it is—watch helplessly as the evil ones confound, corrupt and convert their children.

Mind-altered students believe America is to blame, not only for their own meaningless life, but also for everything that is wrong with the world. On a signal, at the time planned, the converted will tear down their country.

In politics, nothing happens by chance. Bullies and child molesters are often politically protected for the purpose of creating a malignant climate of fear and anger in the population. You may not see it, but they cover it all up very nicely by calling the game “the stresses of modern living.”

All these frustrations with injustice are designed to emotionally conform your every decision to their political correctness. It’s just a matter of time before a brainwashed electorate will end freedom as we know it.

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