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Accuse the Victim
The genesis of terrorism

by Roy Masters

Let me explain how it is possible for approval-seekers to inspire the horror of another terrorist attack.

Berated at work, a man comes home and beats up on his wife. She, in turn, takes it out on her son. The abused boy becomes a bully to his kid brother Johnny, who finds relief only from torturing butterflies. Unfortunately, the littlest victim appears to be the only one needing psychiatric help.

One day this father's wallet is missing. Abused brother cries, "Johnny did it. I saw him take it." In the heat of that emotional atmosphere, everyone believes the lie that innocent Johnny is guilty. Later, dad, the chief bully, discovering that his conforming son did the crime, is lenient with him. This moment is the traumatic event that creates victims and bullies.

Such a serious shock or trauma can subvert your identity and cause you to unconsciously hand over your life to a succession of future bullies. May God help all the confused little children of this world as they try in vain to deal with such injustice. One day they may stand before a judge, who, like their father, is lenient with real criminals and hard on the innocent.

Prisons and mental hospitals are full to overflowing with millions of misaligned and misunderstood bright children.

Bullies and their victims are not born that way; generations of inhuman cruelty shaped their lives and rarely are they conscious of their roles . Victims are attracted to tyrants – you know – always going along trying to get along. Because victims rarely vent their resentment toward their conquerors, hostility passes down into an exponential system of victims creating victims, in a long chain of command.

In anticipation of the next 9/11, many have begun transferring their sympathies to foreign terrorists. In this context, those already preconditioned through family life to respond to the strongest force, (a tyrant parent or sibling) shall turn on those who stand tall. Many, who oppose the war, have hearts already beating in sympathy with dictators like Saddam Hussein. A traumatic event of great magnitude will complete the transfer of loyalty from family bullies to America 's bullies, tipping the balance of the election to the terrorists’ advantage, as recently occurred in Spain.

Noble Americans, like innocent children, could then be perceived as the enemy and become objects of hate. Americans with common sense are presently called terrorists because they hold up a mirror to those with converted and treacherous hearts. A terrible upside-down state of emotional injustice will precede our country’s doomsday.

It should be clear by now what kind of individuals the terrorists prefer ensconced in power. It will surely be those who "feel the pain" of the security-seeking masses. On that fateful day, many with identities displaced by terror will reveal themselves by blaming the innocent for another act of massive terrorism that they unconsciously brought upon us all.

The maxim of Karl Marx, “Accuse others of what you do,” has always worked for would-be tyrants.

It is only by exposing the dark tactics of terrorism, domestic and foreign --- standing tall --- that as a nation we will become once again "A Shining City Upon a Hill."

Problems dealing with bullies? We have the antidote:
Be Still and Know

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