In the United States alone, there are an estimated 40 million people who suffer from anxiety disorders. While many claim to cure panic attacks through medication, hypnotherapy, and other complex treatments, most end up merely covering up your symptoms. To completely overcome anxiety, one must deal with the root causes of anxiety, as well as treating symptoms.

“You are probably not aware of the role hypnosis is playing in your own life, but take a good look at your reactions under stress, or in anticipation of a danger or pressure that is bigger than you are. Watch what happens the next time you know you must stand up to your boss or your child’s teacher. The very thought of it causes your heart to race and throws you into a panic. There you are, back in your hypnotic state. The mere expectation of danger triggers a hypnotic condition that duplicates your response to the actual stress.”




This Simple Seven Minute Meditation

Can Change Your Life

“learn the secret of how to control your responses, how to find that God-given switch in your mind

which would allow you to energize and motivate yourself.”


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Dear Friends; We dislike asking for financial support, but at the same time, if we do not properly express the pressing financial needs that do exist, the FHU could simply cease to exist, and separately, we would have denied everyone the chance to have grace in both supporting the program and the organization founded over half a century, and “Paying Forward” to others the help they’ve received throughout the years.

Today we ask for your support in helping us help others, especially our active service members, military veterans, first responders and their families. Suicides from PTSD are down from 22 to 20 per day. But that’s 20 per day too many. You can help us help them. 

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support at this critical time.  THANK YOU!