Anger Is A Lack of Love

Roy Masters from ‘How To Be At Peace With Your Problems’

Anger is a reaction that tells our lack of love, understanding, and self-control. We have no love, or we could not feel resentment.

Resentment is that unconquered quality that begets resentment; it is the animal reply to another man’s folly or cunning.

When a situation is not met with the delicate timing of Truth, then you are seen as unjust. When you lack the understanding to meet a situation, you will excite the animal nature of others to rise up and give you greater pain – that you are powerless to meet.

Now, if you say that we must feel resentment, then you have no understanding. You are merely justifying your animal reactions, instead of doing something constructive about them.

The justification makes you lose sight of what is happening to you, and the hostility continues to grow, causing you to lose all self-control. Yet, you must have the “excitement-of-life” to live, or you will die from repose; therefore, you find yourself resenting every PETTY thing – secretly – so that you might feel some sort of STIMULATION of life.

Still, you are conquering NOTHING; you are only INCREASING your bodily-reaction to stimulation. Rephrased, you are developing a love of hatred; a need to resent another for the exhilerating benefits of energy, exultation and indignation.

Self-control comes out of understanding; self-control is the response to the SELF. This kind of conditioned reflex is the beginning of the separation from temptation, and the commencement of the union with ourselves.

The unjust-resentment is the separation from the self, and conditions us to temptation. Love is the remolding of the mind from within. Excited by love, we are revitalized and relieved from the need to resent; set free from worldly involvement. You find understanding only when you inwardly cry out for Truth. 

The only love of which you are capable is this LOVE OF TRUTH. This love is the joyous reaction to what we know is right in our hearts. It is the only power that can enable us to meet, and to understand life successfully. 

Basically, love for what is true in our hearts is our only protection from worldly conditioning; and, by that love, we are overcome with joy in Truth. We enter the world protected by the first-wave of DE-conditioned, reflex response. 

The only love of which you are capable is this LOVE OF TRUTH.

When we do not love that Truth, then we have no inner conditioning with which to overcome the outer-conditioning.

Unprotected, we become upset, and FALL towards the temptation. If we do not hunger for understanding, then we shall not see the true value of what is confronting us; we shall not comprehend the meaning of the moment.

We must determine the EXACT nature of the problem confronting us. It must not be a little to the left or a little to the right – or we shall fail to conquer evil. Indeed, we are devouring our neighbor or running from him, allowing that evil to flourish. 

By the light of the love of Truth, we shall discover a distilled, impartial way of observing life. From this vacuum of the no-judgment position, we suddenly see what we had not seen before.

We are given a strange, intuitive sense of discretion, which produces an immediate understanding, to match each moment. We find that we naturally and effortlessly function out of this sudden glimpse of knowing.

Incidentally, we cannot remember our momentary glimpses, nor can they be captured. Each knowing merely reveals itself as a witness to each moment of life. At that same moment, we find ourselves responding excitedly to that which is understanding within. 

Remember, we are OVERCOME by what we respond to; or by what we react against. Therefore, we may either respond to ourselves, instead, becoming identified and whole; or we may become identified with, and conformed-to, the outer, worldly intelligence.

When separated from our conscience within, instead of the unfoldment of understanding, grace, health and life, we see only fear, sickness and decay…as our lives become attached to the FLESH of others, rather than to the SPIRIT within.