Affliction Of The Soul

Roy Masters from ‘Cure Stress’

In exploring the origin of disease, I will endeavor to show that man has three distinct origins: one physical and environmental, the other two spiritual.

Mankind has fallen victim to the mercy of nature, lured there by something subnatural and unreal. Man has been created differently from all

other creatures. He needs a master, a source of meaning and direction in his life.

If he does not find and respond to the Creator source, then he is destined to continue responding not to the Creator but the creation, as an environmental source.

Both environments are grounds for being. In either case, mankind is compulsively shaped. Freedom does not exist in the sense in which it has always been conceived; there is a choice only between obedience to one realm or the other.

The net result of not finding our spiritual origin, and hence our heavenly governance, is a conflict between what we are becoming, and what our potential for becoming is when found through our conscience.

Our lives are lived within a war of the worlds, between disease and harmony, good and evil.

I am choosing to explore the subject of cancer first for a good reason. It is one of those difficult and complicated illnesses that result from a long chain of causes and effects.

By understanding each connecting link in a chain of causes and effects, we gain insights into most of human suffering.

For many years my intent has been to write a book about medicine, but only when I found the missing piece of a puzzle which has held me back, until now. I now know what that is.

“By understanding each connecting link in a chain of causes and effects, we gain insights into most of human suffering.”

It has to do with character, or what some call “lifestyle.” Admittedly, some diseases do not occur as the result of choices we consciously or unconsciously have made in our lives, and there is no fault associated with them.

However, the great majority of diseases, mental, emotional, and physical, involve an unrecognized character flaw. This flaw has many branches,

and they comprise most of our maladies.

This hidden flaw is not psychological; it is an affliction of the soul.

Cancer as a disease has myriad manifestations. Some have nothing to do with a person’s character or emotional circumstance. Too many sunburns at an early age, for example, may result in skin cancer, and require medical intervention.

However, there are those forms of cancer that do indeed have a very deadly psychosomatic-emotional connection.

We must, in our examination of this disease, confront a phantom, a mysterious shadow that we cannot see, feel or ever

touch. It can be seen only with the mind’s eye.

If we refuse to be frightened by what is revealed, we will be able to watch the problem dissolve.

With this in mind, let us explore the cause of one type of cancer and uncover all the symptoms we have ignored in our lives that have led to this disease, for most people live their lives like the driver who has disconnected that annoying engine warning light.

Suddenly, things go wrong—too much at once for mechanics—or doctors.