Advice Line Radio 06/03/20

Hour 1 – Alan and David are joined once again by Pat Kelly. Pat discusses how the news media and people on social media are trying to use shame and guilt to create the racial divide. They focus on how hundreds of people in their small town showed up to protect their American Flag because there were rumors that anarchists were going to take it. They talk about whether or not President Trump should send in troops to the cities with riots. 

Hour 2 – Alan talks about how we need to defend our homes and property because we will be responsible for defending our freedoms. Alan talks about Patriot Outreach and all of the good they have done for our veterans who have PTSD. They talk about how people are being riled up by dark forces especially in the media to go out and riot, loot and spread anarchy. Alan reminds listeners how you can find the 7 Minute Meditation on our new app. Download the app on your smartphone and then register it at fhuvisionapp.com


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