A Voyage Through Time

Dianne Masters

Life is like a voyage through time. You have been given so many years in which to gather the treasures of love, courage and wisdom.

In the matrix of patience, everything grows as a matter of course, without struggle. So do not be in a hurry for any results. Keep your entire being fixed upon the good principles you are discovering with joy, and rewards will appear on their own in ways you least expect.

Just keep your mind on basic principles. They will become the cause of better effects to come.

If you worry about developing or ridding yourself of symptoms, you will not be able to keep your attention upon the principle that will bring about the real solution.

It is the principle that leads to the hope of a cure, not your will aided by the force of impatience, or by any outward assurance. Love of truth leads to the courage of one’s own convictions, and courage grows to dispel the mists of fear and despair.

Through the meditation exercise, you will discover the meaning of love, and then you will find that courage, happiness and health will follow naturally, without strain or effort.

Your doubts and fears will suddenly seem pointless, and they will dissolve from your mind as you recognize this fact.

They were nothing but an evolution of guilts which originated through illicit ambitions and being upset—they had no other basis for being.

"Through the meditation exercise, you will discover the meaning of love"

Now that you are becoming more and more patient and relaxed, the old fears, excuses and guilts are starved of their power to grow (by your right response), and must therefore fall away.

Your mind is becoming free from its preoccupation with seeking solutions that only create bigger problems.

You will lose interest in many things that you erroneously believed to be important, and soon you will have time to ponder and wonder and see life as it really is, instead of just worrying about it.

You will never feel compelled to do this meditation exercise. It will never become a habit.

It must be what you choose to do voluntarily each morning. By willingly doing the exercise each morning, you will effortlessly be able to follow the principle of patience and tolerance, which you are discovering and which is being set in motion from within through your sincere desire.

By doing so, you free your mind and body from old, useless, mechanical ideas and from worry, fear and habit.

By choosing to do the exercise and binding yourself through free will to this new source of information, you unchain yourself from externalized, compulsive behavior and the monotonous pursuit of pleasure and comfort.