A Voice In Your Head - Is It Lying To You?

Roy Masters

"You didn't lock the front door," a voice in your head says a block away from your house. Back you go to find the door locked. Two miles away from your house it says it again, "You really didn't lock the door." Now you are frustrated and puzzled, so you backtrack; this time you endeavor to be fully aware of what you are doing by frantically pulling and pushing the door, turning the doorknob this way and that. At work, there it is again, the nagging mental voice still causing that maddening doubt. You are not alone, it happens to everyone. 

This phenomenon cannot possibly be explained as mere chemistry, simply because, if you were born in China , it would say it in Chinese. In one form or another, all of us experience the same mysterious something crouching on our doorstep. "It" is very persuasive and powerful in the way its words act upon and through our feelings, as would a good conscience. 

Yet, your real conscience does not commune with the reasoning of phantom words. Real conscience is the Divine Presence that quietly makes everything perfectly clear. In a wordless way you will understand and perceive truth from falsehood with unshakable confidence. Do not fall into the whirlpool of “reasoning” with it; just sit back and watch because whatever-it-is fears observation. Within everyone rages this ancient good and evil battle between faith and doubt. Simply not arguing, struggling or giving in to the dark hope of doubt and despair achieves the triumph of faith. 

"faith does not work in the way

that you were taught"

You see faith does not work in the way that you were taught. The voice of doubt always wars with common sense, and tricks you into thinking that self-evident reality is illusion. By getting you to doubt your commonsense faith, you tend to be seduced away into a cycle of hopeless confusion about everything. Do not panic, remain calm and objective, then it cannot continue degrading your life into a living hell. The conditioning nature of language sustains a state of doubt and confusion by keeping you upset. 

Faith has always been there within you unmasking that deceiving spirit that speaks to us through all the generations from when Paradise was lost. Trust this wordless reality and He will save you from the dark side, then guide you safely home. If the wordless word in your heart bears witness to this message, then rejoice in silent wonder. 

Your many questions cry out for answers — please call the Foundation and learn how to fix the endless loop of thoughts. 


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