A Vicious Cycle

Roy Masters

Before we learned the meditation exercise, we responded in a vicious cycle to troubles that we emotionally perpetuated.

Now we are simply getting back what we deserved and did not graciously bear in the past. Now a virtuous cycle is set in motion through the opposition we create because of our principles.

We are persecuted for our right, not our wrong.

The pattern of truth is progressively and unerringly brought forth by the opposition to our witness.

The first opposition comes when we first glimpse real-ity. A little light is shining. Our adversary sees it as a threat and attacks.

Our reply to that attack is the next threat to the error that is moving up through our adversary and he counterattacks.

So it progresses.We must patiently bear what we cannot change in this matter—without fear or resentment.

Patience is the reaction of what is right in us. It is felt by others as a power to see through guile, as a deterrent and correction instead of a support for their egocentric, selfish intents.

It may be their first experience with such devastating resistance.

People take their cue from a feedback due to your re-sponse to them, and they depend upon your reaction for their next move and their sense of rightness.

"When we respond in this way, our mind darkens and our flesh thickens like the beast’s"

But when you do not respond, they are alarmed and disarmed. Furthermore, they see you observing them and will feel threatened, fearful, or even furious.

Although “democratic” people declare that each person has a right to live his own life, they are constantly contradicting themselves.

They are extremely intolerant. They dare not let you live the right way, because egocentrically they demand temptation to keep them free from what you in-wardly embrace!

They do not desire the correction you offer. It is agony to them. Hold fast. Remain calm.

They will resort to the principle of flattery. Still hold fast. Do not be blinded or excited by compliments, because you have dis-covered that excitement to pride is the root of error.

An animal’s development is supported emotionally. For animals, that is normal, part of the natural growth process.

When we respond in this way, our mind darkens and our flesh thickens like the beast’s as we are led emotionally down from reason.

That is how we become controlled. Pride needs emotion to spark selfish activity and forgetfulness of conscience, to uphold its way and its image of righteousness.

Each time we are excited or disturbed, we progress a little further in the development of beastly lust, sickness, fear, conflict and frustration.

Unfortunately, until we find the original fount of life within, we need those pressures, although we have no real tolerance for them.