A Snake in The Grass

Roy Masters from 'The Secret Power of Words'

The positive kind of “death” begins with repentance, one of the good, life-giving emotions; but you will be unable to experience it as long as you are caught up in feelings.

Your believing-self is presently locked into the very feelings that grew out of the failing of that self. Some people build their faith by causing others to feel and fall, while their victims build their faith by believing in feeling. 

The snake in the grass that keeps us caught up with feeling is pride, of course.

The more we feel and the more we have faith in our feelings, the more proud we get and the more we have faith in our feelings, ad infinitum. Love feelings make us feel proud, and so do hate feelings. 

From the moment we allow ourselves to be tempted away from true faith, we begin to build our lives on a false faith, a faith based on doubt and deceit. We are compelled to believe the deceiver who cut us off from the way we should have gone, because we now have no alternative.

We have put the deceiver in charge of the only life left to us, perhaps the only one we care to know. Our fall is accomplished in a subtle progression of cause and effect, each forming the need for the other in an endless chain.

Whatever or whoever leads you to doubt your true self frees you to forget the normal constraints of conscience and, in so doing, makes you emotional. Emotion then makes you doubt commonsense Truth and surrender to feelings.

Now, if emotion can make you doubt Truth, it follows that doubt itself becomes a kind of faith in the teaser and the lifestyle he has led you to embrace. Faith in lies, faith in feeling, is faith misplaced. 

Faith based on doubt explains why so many people exist in an emotional state all their lives. By wallowing in emotions, they never have to face their own faults.

They feel most emotionally secure when they are upset, inspired by hate, greed, and phony love. So the faith of the faithless is rooted in emotion and lies, and all is well just as long as one feels emotionally secure.

Now do you see the real meaning of “emotional security”? 

"The positive kind of “death” begins with repentance"

Everyone who has rejected God to become a god needs those lying emotions.

No one in his right mind will play this devil’s game with you; only the guileful will rise to the occasion of fulfilling your ego’s greed for emotion and praise.

So it is that the wrong in you comes alive in the presence of the greater wrong in others and becomes addicted to their lying presence. No one in his wrong mind can stand alone without emotional support in the form of emotions that lie, and lies that arouse emotion.

We allow ourselves to become personal slaves to another person in order to have our feelings stroked and our faith in pride’s way buttressed. 

Romantics, fanatics, sentimentalists of all kinds are ripening for destruction through their love affair with deception.

These fools are sensitive creatures. They love romance, emotion, tender feelings of all kinds that keep alive their faith in their own purity and goodness. They are in love with the poetry of words and their own emotions. 

Remember the principle—being made to doubt yourself produces emotional feelings, and those feelings can then be used to make you more suggestible to the process of deception.

You become so attached to the new way of life based on doubt that to give it up would be like giving up life itself. The moment the light of Truth tries to shine on your darkness, you feel that you will die if you choose to follow it. 

Believing in the earthly, ambitious way is like a work of one’s own creation.

Emotion produces a peculiarly distorted vision: friends become enemies, while enemies become friends and fellow travelers. You create a back-to-front life for yourself.

Spell “live” backwards and you end up with “evil”; but only man can live backwards, and only his heirs can turn around and incline their hearts to Truth and the Paradise of true faith.