A Father's Job Is Never Done!

Dianne (Masters) Linderman

I have learned my best lessons in life from my failures, and, God knows, I have had plenty of them! My path is littered with mistakes. Along with my successes, I am also famous for the things I have done wrong, and the hundreds of attempts at failed ideas. If you had my dad as your dad, there would be a preponderance of reminders of how bad a businessperson you had been, or how you had missed the ultimate lessons etc., and if you were looking for his approval, forget it. 

He dishes out pure, unadulterated criticism, and it never ends!!​ You may wonder why I continue to put myself in front of the almighty king of criticism. Well, in some crazy way, even though I don’t always agree with his conclusions, I like his honesty, and my dad is instantly forgiving.

"I like his honesty, and

my dad is instantly forgiving."

In no way does he ever undermine me as a person; he gives me the simple truth to ponder in my own time, and this is real love! It’s the twinkle in his eye, and the instant forgiveness that makes his wrath bearable and even welcomed. 

Even in my sixties, I know my dad believes that I will be a complete success in life although he never says this to me in words. ​This is what a parent’s job is and it never ends no matter what age your kids are, because real love never ages.

I spoke to a friend of mine today, and he told me that his job would be done when his son turned 18. I argued that his job would have just begun, and I thanked God that my dad is still willing to give me his criticism. My friend sat quietly for a moment while I shared my thoughts with him, and then a tear came down his cheek as he tried to justify his position.

I know that he craves love from a father even to this day, and deep down inside he feels the void, and this was the same void his own son would experience. ​It’s a father’s lessons that will fill the void in both the father, and the child.

It’s how both will continue to grow, and perfect themselves until the day they die, because it’s real love, and no matter how much kids seem to reject healthy criticism, they feel safe and loved by the thoughtfulness of their fathers.