Perilous World Radio 12/04/23

A Family RECALL!

Alan Masters, President and CEO of the FHU, hosts today's show and deals head-on with the damage parents have caused their children, and how they can help them heal by apologizing for what they have done. The show begins with Alan quoting Thomas Jefferson, who was so prophetic in describing the world we now live in. This man spectacularly demonstrated what one man is capable of—even at a young age—as Alan highlights some of his many, many accomplishments. 

Today's Americans have been programmed to be "worker bees," and are in debt more than any people in history. We must face our programming and overcome it, with powerful tools such as Alan's father Roy Masters' powerful "Be Still and Know" meditation.

Alan tells the story of one of his sons--how Alan took the world's opinion over his son's (regarding an ended relationship), and how that seemingly small transgression hurt the father-son relationship, changing his son's trajectory, which lasted a number of years. Alan recently realized what he had done, and called his son to apologize, thereby re-bonding the relationship.

In the second half of the show, Alan discusses "brand slaughter," and how human beings act to destroy their own "brands" much like companies do. He brings up another recollection about an apology he must make to his daughter—another example of "family recall."

Finally, Alan speaks of a change that is occurring within himself—the "butterfly" is emerging! The temptations of this world are beginning to "not agree" with him any longer. And he is discovering that going God's way is much easier than he had imagined. "My burden is light..."


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